About Us

Belliss & Morcom and Reavell have a combined 250 of experience and a proud heritage of being designed and manufactured in the United Kingdom. Since being acquired by Gardner Denver, both have benefited from Gardner Denver’s brand recognition and their established global partnership networks.

Belliss & Morcom

Belliss & Morcom began life in 1852 in Birmingham as steam engine manufacturers. Taking advantage of a post-industrial era Britain, they perfected the forced feed lubrication system which revolutionised performance and endurance on internal combustion engines and is still being used to this day. Belliss & Morcom turbines powered Birmingham’s first generating station and snowballed from there in reciprocating high pressure air compressors and the quality, reliable machines you see today.


Reavell was founded in 1898 in Ipswich, predominantly focused on producing compressors for the British Royal Navy. After seeing success in the marine industry, Reavell began branching out into other sectors and has since developed world-wide recognition in a variety of complex fields.