Stainless Steel Gear Pump - RM102 M

Mag Drive Pump

CHEMSTEEL™ pumps are designed to handle highly corrosive liquids that must be pumped under pressure. Manufactured to extremely precise tolerance, the CHEMSTEEL™ pump line prevents system contamination while maintaining the purity and integrity of the liquid being pumped. Its rugged, three-section, O-ring sealed thru-bolt construction provides ease of servicing and parts replacement.

Additionally, CHEMSTEEL™ pumps offer bi-directional operation for applications requiring reversing flow.


Gear/bearing design allows for “trimming” for optimizing the pump’s maximum flow to reach minimum turndown or to match flow to a specific OEM’s requirement.

Special materials combinations are available for specific liquids:

  • Stainless or Alloy C housing construction.
  • Gears available in 316 stainless and Alloy C. Also in Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) and Polyetheretherketone.
  • Shafts are 316 stainless steel or Alloy C.
  • Bearings available in Carbon or Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE)


The pump is driven directly from the electric motor shaft by means of a flexible coupling. A close-coupled adapter connects the pump to the motor.


This pump is suitable to handle clear lubricating and non-lubricating fluids at temperatures to 450°F. These pumps will handle viscous fluids to 100,000 cps (462,000 SSU) at reduced shaft speeds.


This pump has a suction lift capability of 20 feet for a new pump. Though gear pumps are self-priming, a foot valve is recommended. If possible, wet gears with the liquid to be pumped for the first dry start. Liquid retained in the system and gear chambers serves to wet the pump on subsequent starts.


A three-part housing provides easy disassembly and service. Full size bearings match the gear diameter, and eliminate the need for separate wear plates. TFE encapsulating silicone o-ring pump housing seals provide elastic memory to assure an effective long lasting seal and thus avoiding the re-torqueing required of pumps using pure TFE.

To order a CHEMKIT™ parts kit, simply add a “K” to the end of the model number.

A repair kit contains the following parts: bearings, gears, o-rings, shafts, keys, c clips, and retaining rings.


Pump design and materials selection, together provide the longest life available from a gear pump.

Key attributes include:

  • Gear & bearing combinations of metallic and nonmetallic wear surfaces.
  • Slotted bearings to lubricate shaft and gear surfaces.
  • Ample port sizing to reduce the likelihood of cavitation when inlet pressure is marginal.
  • Effective housing seals with elastic memory prevent leakage of corrosives.


Connections are 1/4” female NPT or BSPT, pump hardware is metric and close couple adapters mount to both NEMA and IEC standard motor frame sizes for worldwide acceptance.