High Pressure Compressors

Oil Free and Oil Lubricated Reciprocating Compressors

Gardner Denver’s high compression technology is well known and respected throughout industry with a professional and customer focused team of experts – leaders in the field for over 100 years, and equipped with the perfect high pressure compressed air solution, whatever the application or operation.

P.E.T bottle blowing, industrial air & gas, marine and offshore, breathing air and gas, plus CNG and biogas to name just a few of the specialised applications that are served by the Belliss & Morcom and Reavell brands of Gardner Denver.

Gardner Denver designs, manufactures, commissions and services high pressure compressed air and gas systems for these specialist sectors and is a name synonymous with the highest standards of quality – meeting or exceeding many international approval standards such as ISO 9001, Lloyds Register, Det Norske Veritas, RINA and the American Bureau of Shipping.



Through our product series – Belliss & Morcom and Reavell – we have a reputation as a leading global provider of premium, high quality, high pressure reciprocating compressors, technologies and services. As such we can ensure you are equipped with the perfectly matched high pressure solution for your requirements.

GD high pressure compressors have a set of unique benefits. They are designed to operate in the harshest environments for the most strenuous applications, whilst at the same time utilising energy efficient design to lower operating costs. Small compact footprint coupled with ease of installation and low maintenance reduces costs further. High operating efficiency results in maximum compressor and plant performance while dynamic balancing removes the need for special foundations. Robust construction ensures that 24/7 continuous production is possible.

Belliss & Morcom

The oil free VH and WH range of compressors offers a maximum air capacity in the smallest of footprints. From working pressures of between 420 to 1,500 m3/hour at 40 barg, these 90 to 260kW power direct zero drive loss shaftless motor compressors are water cooled and ideal for PET bottle blowing and other industrial applications.

The Belliss & Morcom oil and silicon free W370-45-2N offers a reliable air source at variable pressure and flow rates, ensuring maximum efficiency through 3 stage load control and the unique shiftless motor.

For more information on the range of high pressure solutions available through Belliss & Morcom, please click here.


A wide range of performance options for integration with a variety of systems are available from Reavell. The air-cooled Reavell 5470 for example, is one of the most reliable and proven, configurable compressor air ends available today. Designed for use with most gases, the baseplate mounted direct drive system not only offers maximum reliability, but also optimum system efficiency. 
Joining this 250kW compressor are a range of high pressure products using air or water cooling that you can rely on. Minimum downtime during servicing and maintenance is guaranteed with outstanding component accessibility and market leading 1,500 hour service intervals.

Acoustic enclosures are also available where noise dampening or weatherproofing is required.

For more information on Reavell high pressure compressor solutions, please click here.

High Pressure Aftermarket Solutions

Optimised service kits are available for both brands, providing all the necessary components to enable you to carry out field servicing and repairs efficiently. The same quality and reliability standards apply to these kits as with our compressors – 100% genuine parts that maintain your warranty and deliver peace of mind.

A lifetime warranty – BellissXtra – accompanies all Belliss & Morcom compressors, while Reavell units ship with a 12 month warranty as standard, with extended warranty plans available.

Both brands offer refurbishment services where replacement is not a viable option, and our Centre of Excellence offers full diagnostic evaluations and recommendations for maintenance programmes designed to bring existing high pressure installations back to optimal operating performance levels. 

Comprehensive training days are also available, covering not only health & safety and aftermarket basics, but in-depth machine maintenance and bespoke courses for your specific requirements.