There are many uses for compressed air throughout a variety of general applications that demand not only the highest quality compressed air, but also increased efficiency.

Whether a manufacturer needing to reduce costs to improve their bottom-line, or a service provider looking for quality and reliability, CompAir have a wide range of compressors designed to deliver the highest quality standard of air, with class-leading efficiency to ensure you achieve your goals.

Compressed air can be used effectively for a large number of general applications including:

  • Technology - manufacturing Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) efficiently and cost effectively. Also used to power air-skates in film studios for moving heavy loads smoothly and powering performing fountains capable of shooting water over 150 metres into the air.
  • Recycling - providing compressed air for waste management auto-sorting machinery.
  • Construction - mobile compressed air solutions for drilling and construction equipment. Also used in Marine Construction to create protective curtains of air bubbles to absorb and reflect sound waves.
  • Power - driving plant auxiliary services and cleaning facilities.
  • Quarrying & Aggregates - providing air to feed pneumatic circuits.