Swivel Joints

Pipes are, naturally, solid, and rigid structures. Our joints render them movable and adaptable. Where a hose cannot provide the safety and reliability of a robust piping system, the swivel joint allows movement and mobility. 

A swivel joint provides the advantage of 360° rotation while maintaining the safety characteristics of a solid pipe. Combining swivels can allow for rotation in multiple planes. Our joints are used where secure handling, the safety of operators, and low-wear characteristics are required. 


Give mobility and rotation to your piping systems capable of handling a wide range of gasses, fluids, and food products. By allowing 360° rotation, piping systems can have extended reach without sacrificing the safety of operators. The rotation function is achieved utilizing integrated ball tracks and the use of ball bearings, and where required, spacers. The ball tracks for load-bearing swivels are hardened, except for the aluminum version.

Emco Wheaton provides specialty swivel joints designed to meet the needs of any fluid handling application. Depending on that application, the joint is made of carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, or exotic materials. 

As with any Emco Wheaton solution, our top priority is the safety of your workers and operations. Giving your piping systems mobility will reduce safety hazards and extend the life of your installation. Replace a hose reel with a system akin to loading arms. Contact us or request a quote if you have any questions.