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Vacuum pumps and compressors used in the textile industry must meet high demands. Because they operate oil-free and require very little maintenance, our high-performance NASH liquid ring products are the first choice wherever the need is for improving working conditions.


Draining and Drying of Dyed Carpet

After being dyed, carpeting must be washed and rinsed in clear water. In the process, the carpet becomes soaked with water, which must then be extracted gently and economically. To do so, the carpeting is passed over a suction roller with an adjustable suction slot. A NASH vacuum pump connected to this suction roller draws air through the slot, thereby extracting about 80% of the water remaining in the carpet. The steady stream of air ensures a gentle treatment of the material. The continuous flow of water is easily removed and subsequently eliminated along with the operating liquid.

Vacuum Slot Extraction

Vacuum slot extraction an efficient means of removing excess water and chemicals during the processing of open width textile material. The textile material is passed over a slotted tube that pulls the liquid out by means of vacuum. Our liquid ring pumps make an excellent vacuum source for this application due to their ruggedness, reliability, and ability to handle carryover.