TriTon (XYZ)
Liquid Handling Robot

The TriTon Liquid Handling Robot is an extremely quiet, smooth and reliable liquid handling robot. The OEM XYZ module is available with a single or dual arm. It was designed to automate liquid handling tasks such as pipetting, sample preparation, cap piercing or tube stripping. It offers highly precise and fully adjustable liquid level detection with a high degree of sensitivity.
Furthermore, it is also scalable across all axes and its modular design allows you to add additional devices such our air displacement pipetting modules or syringe pumps. It makes it suitable for multiple liquid handling applications.

The TriTon Liquid Handling Robot helps you minimize downtime with its full quadrature encoders that provide high-resolution error detection and fast recovery.

You can choose one of our standardized configurations or specify your exact requirements for the liquid handling (XYZ) robot to fit your application.