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TODO Certified Service Centres

TODO has been working hard to establish a global service presence that not only offers the convenience of local servicing, but at a standard at which TODO itself has installed into every service centre.

The global network of Certified Service Centres was established to give customers a place to have their TODO products serviced regularly to the highest possible standard, using parts supplied by TODO, meaning that the integrity of the product remains as good as it was when it left the factory in Margate.

At proposal stage, the TODO Certified Service Centre is assessed for manufacturing ability, available servicing space and test facilities. Following this, the service centre staff are trained on the product range, and given hands-on training on disassembly, kit fitting and re-assembly, along with some troubleshooting measures. On completion of training, the service centre is granted approved status and becomes part of our global network.

TODO Certified Service Centres are located in the following countries:

Australia: ITS

Belgium: Gardner Denver Belgium

Brazil: ATBL

Canada: Atlantic Hose and Fittings

France: Gardner Denver France

Germany: Ardima

India: JRE

Italy: Kenfitt

Malaysia: OGCF

Netherlands: Gardner Denver Nederland

New Zealand: ITS

Singapore: GRP

South Africa: Soliflo

Sweden: Slangflex

Thailand: Tozen Industrial

UK: TODO, Kiowa