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Paper Machine Dewatering EcoFlow

RunEco Solution

EcoFlow dewatering measurement system is a very essential part of the RunEco solution together with EP Turbo Blowers.

EcoFlow optimizes dewatering and vacuum levels in the paper machine forming and press sections.



The EcoFlow Paper Machine Dewatering Measurement is designed to optimize dewatering and vacuum levels in the forming and press sections. EcoFlows also give you a unique window into the dewatering process. They are designed to work with doctoring to allow you to gain maximum energy efficiency.

When utilized together with our EP Turbo Blowers, the EcoFlow dewatering measurement system is an essential part of our RunEco solution. For more information, contact us, or explore our Paper Machine Vacuum Blower System page.

eco-flow-system-data A typical EcoFlow system in a three-nip press section. Based on the data, it is very easy to compare different felts and adjust water removal.

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