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Reavell - The Clean Alternative

CNG and Biogas are increasingly being adopted ahead of traditional fuels. Reavell’s zero gas loss, efficient compressor design ensures your systems are the clean alternative that your customers need.

CNG Biogas


Zero Gas Loss Compressors You Can Rely On

Reavell is a trusted name in CNG and Biogas compressor supply. We have developed our industrial gas compressors, renowned for their reliability and maintainability, into a market leading range of compressors and boosters, specifically for the CNG and Biogas market.  

Our zero gas loss compressor and booster design means that not only will your gas compression system run with zero emissions, but your gas costs will be minimised as well.  What’s more, our ‘true boosters’ mean you don’t need to regulate pressure down to take advantage of our sealed crankcase design. This minimises energy use and further optimises your running costs.

Our focus and dedication on reliability and maintainability ensures that when the time for preventative maintenance comes, downtime and service costs will be minimised and your system will be back up and running in no time.

Offering an efficient, reliable and maintainable alternative for CNG and Biogas compression, Reavell systems are already supporting a wide range of applications.


Reavell Gazpack 42 CNG compressor
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CNG & Biogas Applications

  • Vehicle fuelling
  • Renewable energy
  • Heating
  • Electricity generation