Health in the post epidemic era - Ingersoll Rand's all-round anti epidemic solution

After nearly two years of efforts, China has been very effective in controlling COVID-19, and its economic and social life has returned to normal. However, the impact of the epidemic continues to this day. In the post epidemic era, epidemic prevention and control will be normalized. Ingersoll Rand, as the world's leading provider of key business process creation and industrial solutions, with more than 160 years of manufacturing history of air compressors, pumps, blowers and fluid management equipment, will practice the concept of great health, adhere to product innovation and technology promotion, promote the development of medical and health in China and improve people's health level.

Protection: vaccines, masks, medical gloves and disinfection and sterilization

As we all know, new crown vaccination can effectively reduce the risk of infection and morbidity, and it is a very effective preventive measure. In vaccine production, pharmaceutical enterprises need to meet the high air cleanliness required by GMP, and strictly control the number of suspended particles, planktonic bacteria / settling bacteria and surface microorganisms. Therefore, enterprises must strictly control the oil content, dust content, pressure dew point of compressed air. Ingersoll Rand oil-free compression equipment, drying equipment and other solutions can ensure zero pollution in the vaccine production line and make the air quality comply with industry regulations. ( )Considering the high energy consumption of pharmaceutical enterprises, Ingersoll Rand has also developed a series of energy-saving products to help enterprises control operating costs, improve profits and further improve their core competitiveness. At the same time, in the process of research and production of COVID-19 inactivated vaccine, the isolation, cultivation, inactivation and animal protection experiments of virus need to be carried out under the condition of P3 laboratory with high biological safety level. Ingersoll Rand Nash has been providing high standard small liquid ring vacuum pump for pulsating vacuum sterilizer in P3 inactivation system.  the compact Nash liquid ring vacuum pump is designed globally and is suitable for 50 / 60Hz operation. It mainly considers silent and clean industrial applications. It can achieve the balance point of noise, performance and efficiency during operation, and the built-in mechanical seal has no leakage.


A medical or N95 mask is mainly composed of non-woven fabric and melt blown fabric, and the melt blown fabric as the middle layer is the core material of the whole mask. The melt blown cloth takes polybingene as the main raw material. In the mixing process, a slight uneven mixing of electret masterbatch or melt PP will greatly affect the quality properties such as filtration efficiency, PFE and flexibility. The mroy series metering pump of Ingersoll Rand Milton Roy can greatly improve the mixing and feeding accuracy and reliability of melt blown cloth raw materials.  this series of metering pumps are designed according to global industrial standards. The steady-state accuracy of the pump can reach ± 0.5% and the maximum regulation ratio can reach 100:1. The built-in adjustable pressure relief valve and hydraulic balance diaphragm design make the service life of the diaphragm up to 96000 hours.

While comprehensively preventing and controlling and actively treating, countries all over the world also began to think about the post epidemic era. How to effectively sterilize and avoid cross infection has become an important topic. The main use of disinfectant spray equipment is to eliminate or reduce harmful bacteria and viruses, and reduce the risk of transmission of a series of diseases including COVID-19. The newly launched Ingersoll Rand Thomas 8311 series vacuum diaphragm pump greatly improves the performance of disinfection and sterilization equipment. by using pressurized steam, the autoclave can eliminate bacteria, viruses, fungi and other infectious media. Thomas 8311 pump not only improves the disinfection capacity of sterilization equipment and prevents cross infection, but also saves long-term costs.

Treatment: oxygen generator, traditional Chinese medicine treatment scheme and hospital negative pressure system

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, oxygen generators and ventilators have been very scarce medical supplies. Ingersoll Rand Thomas compressor applied to respiratory treatment equipment has a U.S. patent, provides power for mission critical components, such as medical respirators, oxygen generators, and other respiratory treatment equipment for patients who need respiratory support. Equipped with Thomas wob-l ® Technology compressor, with low power consumption, low noise level and compact and lightweight design, provides clean and reliable air flow.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia produces medical waste, waste water and exhaust gas during treatment. How to deal with it in time and prevent contamination in the two time is particularly important. The sputum and body fluid of patients with advanced pneumonia are mostly sucked away through the hospital negative pressure system. Ingersoll Rand Elmo Rietschle oil rotary vane vacuum pump and Nash liquid ring vacuum pump can be used to build hospital negative pressure system.  the oil rotary vane vacuum pump has the characteristics of reliable operation and long service life. The gas flow path from the inlet to the exhaust outlet is long, and the pump cavity can withstand the harsh ecological environment (high temperature of more than 100 ° C, oil-gas mixed state and vacuum state). Most of the extremely micro media inhaled after passing through the bacterial filter will remain in the lubricating oil of the vacuum pump, and the gas discharged by the vacuum pump is safe, Only a small amount of lubricating oil needs to be treated as medical waste. Liquid ring vacuum pump takes water as working fluid, which has good adaptability to water vapor and impurities in medical negative pressure system. It has the characteristics of stable operation, less maintenance and low cost. It is commonly used in hospital negative pressure system. The liquid ring vacuum pump is used together with the water storage tank. The working fluid can be recycled and does not need to be discharged normally. According to the relevant provisions of gb50751, no matter which type of vacuum pump is used, the gas emission of the negative pressure system needs to meet the installation requirements of the system pipeline.

Science and technology help fight the epidemic and improve people's health and well-being. In the post epidemic era, Ingersoll Rand will always escort people's health and safety and help build a healthy China with its professional technology and reliable product solutions and the corporate purpose of "trust us and make life better!".