Ingersoll Rand GD cycloblower helps Singapore environmental engineering company implement key biogas projects

Sanli Electromechanical Engineering Co., Ltd. is a South Asian environmental engineering company specializing in water and wastewater treatment projects. The company has rich experience in providing engineering, procurement and construction services, involving a series of projects, including the upgrading of factories and pumping stations, the replacement of aging equipment, and the design and construction of new treatment systems. The company also provides customers with operation support and maintenance services, and cooperates with customers to formulate service and maintenance plans to help customers improve the reliability and service life of equipment to a greater extent.

Using a series of technologies and expertise in project design, implementation and management, Sanli company provides biogas treatment facilities and equipment commissioning for the high-profile nexus project in Singapore.



The project will be completed in 2025. By building a new and more advanced integrated waste management facility next to Tuas reclaimed water plant, it will help to consolidate the wastewater management and treatment facilities of one of the major economies in the region. The facility adopts newly developed technology to provide higher biogas output. Anaerobic digestion can be used to decompose the mixture of classified food waste and sewage sludge to produce biogas, which can then be used for energy production.

By putting waste management facilities (including solid waste incinerators) and wastewater treatment plants together, the transfer of materials between each unit is greatly simplified. The biogas will be delivered to the steam generator of the incinerator in the second stage, and the generated steam will drive the generator. Generators will generate the power needed by the plant and the excess power will be sent back to the grid, thereby reducing Singapore's overall use of fossil fuels. Once completed, the facility will save the city about 2.5 hectares of land and more than 200000 tons of carbon dioxide per year.

In order to provide better solutions to customers, Sanli's team sought support from Ingersoll Rand GD blower team at the key stage of the project.

Choose the right device

After evaluating the customer's requirements, Sanli company and Gd blower team began to design a customized solution based on four GD 11cdl31 helical screw cycloblower blower units.

Cycloblower is a high-quality low-pressure spiral blower for flammable and corrosive gases on the market. The engagement of two helical rotors, driven by synchronous gears, requires lower power than competitors' blowers and provides controllable gas compression to achieve unparalleled efficiency and impact free emissions.

Using a unique rotor profile and precisely maintained internal tolerances, cycloblower operates at low speeds, providing pressures of up to 1.3 bar and flows of up to 11230 m3 / h. The models selected for the project include PTFE internal coating to deal with corrosive gases and mechanical seal to prevent combustible gas leakage.

Improved manufacturing technology, assembly methods and strict quality inspection ensure consistent and excellent quality, providing unparalleled reliability and longer service life. In addition, the compact design requires less ground space and eliminates the need for special foundations to help operators maintain low installation costs.

Trustworthy relationships bring results

In the past series of project cooperation, Sanli's team believes that Ingersoll Rand GD team can help them design and deliver a set of solutions that not only meet, but also exceed the efficiency, reliability and budget requirements of customers. With product specifications finalized in 2020 and scheduled for delivery in 2022, the customized package will help end customers achieve their operational goals.