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population growth

Population growth and climate change will continue to exert pressure on water shortage areas. With the increase of average revenue and the change of customers' expectations, customers' demand for environmental improvement may increase.

environmental footprint

The construction cost of sewage treatment plant is high, and it depends on a large amount of land area to build sedimentation tank and aeration tank. With the increase of demand, the sewage treatment plant needs to be expanded to improve its treatment capacity. Business owners must meet their needs while maintaining a small and low impact footprint.

Legal compliance

From primary sedimentation to sludge treatment, quality must be ensured to meet increasingly stringent environmental regulations.

Invest in the future

Investing in the right technology will provide a rapid return on investment, improve productivity, reliability and drive efficiency.

energy consumption

Energy consumption is one of the largest expenditures in wastewater treatment. It is estimated that 3% to 15% of the electricity in a country is used for wastewater treatment every year. It is imperative to improve efficiency.

Lack of skills and shortage of personnel

Like many other industries, sewage treatment plants face the problem of personnel shortage. To properly treat wastewater, highly efficient, productive and skilled workers are essential. Without workers, repair opportunities and other abnormalities may be ignored.

Sludge management

Sludge is a residue produced in the process of physical, chemical and biological treatment. A major environmental challenge in wastewater treatment is the sustainable disposal of excess sludge generated in the process.

Municipal sewage and industrial water treatment

We can provide you with all kinds of blowers and pumps used in

Single supplier

Working with a single supplier can help reduce costs, simplify management processes, and improve operational efficiency – and even drive innovation and development.

Free choice

Ingersoll Rand provides innovative and key industrial solutions in the field of municipal sewage and industrial water treatment. It has a series of compressors, blowers, pumps and vacuum products, covering many award-winning brands.

Our air solutions and product portfolio are designed to improve efficiency and productivity, even in the most complex operating conditions.

Sewage treatment plants provide clean water to millions of people around the world. Our products play a vital role in this regard, driving various sewage treatment processes to remove a variety of harmful substances and provide the highest possible water quality.

We offer a wide range of innovative products, services and solutions to improve energy efficiency and productivity at each stage of the treatment process.

The aeration system consumes the most energy in the sewage treatment plant (accounting for more than 50% of the whole electricity charge), so improving the efficiency can greatly reduce the energy cost. Energy accounts for 75% of the total cost, so technologically advanced aeration equipment will play a vital role, which can not only reduce the carbon footprint, but also significantly reduce the life cycle cost.

The scope and process complexity of the environmental protection industry make it extremely important to select reputable and experienced suppliers for each application.

Our solution range: blower, pump

Layout of sewage treatment plant

1) Agricultural Sewage

2) Industrial sewage

3) Municipal Sewage

4) Biogas plant

5) Natural gas pipeline network

6) Filtration pretreatment

7) Primary precipitation

8) Biological process (aerobic process)

9) Chemical mixing

10) Secondary precipitation

11) Sand filter backwashing system

12) Dechlorination

13) Outlet pump station

14) River

Clean water treatment plant layout

1) Pump inlet

2) Hypochlorite room

3) Rapid mixed solidification

4) Chemical feeding room

5) Flocculation and sedimentation stage

6) Filter

7) Recoil storage

8) Dehydration pressure filtration

9) Fluorination and disinfection

10) Final storage

11) Transport

Robuschi and Elmo Rietschle offer a diverse portfolio of roots, screw, centrifugal and side flow blowers for different processes in the wastewater industry.

Roots and screw blowers

·More and more aeration processes need higher regulation capacity, intermittent mode operation and energy-saving solutions. Robox lobe and robox screw units perfectly meet this requirement.

·Robuschi is a leader in the low-pressure market and has an innovative series of roots and screw blowers: the maximum pressure is 2500 mbar (g) and the maximum air volume is 25000 m3 / h.

·We have introduced the new robox blower unit concept, which is an advanced solution that can use roots and screw technology to provide users with better choices than ever before.

·In addition, both blower units provide a new roboxconnect controller, enabling users to manage, optimize and operate blower equipment more efficiently.

·We can also provide customized solutions for wastewater treatment through crbs-grb series blowers, equipped with various materials, seals and accessories.

· rugged design

· durable

· lightweight and compact

· advanced detection system

· easy operation and low maintenance

· wider adjustment capability

· accurate capacity matching

Centrifugal blower

·The new robox turbo brings innovation and greater efficiency to the wastewater industry. Its excellent design uses durable air bearings to ensure energy saving and low-cost life cycle. In addition, the high-speed motor can ensure high efficiency in the whole working range.

·The robox turbo series has a pressure of up to 1000 mbar (g) and a maximum flow of 26500 m3 / h. The advanced robox turbo is oil-free and can meet the most stringent environmental standards. Robox turbo is a "plug and play" solution with electrical cabinet and integrated frequency converter.

· high efficiency, low cost, life cycle

· compact design for easy installation

· low noise

· oil free

· plug and play: ready to install

· simple, low-cost maintenance

· wide range of options

Efficient and effective technology can be used to treat fluids

centrifugal pump

Promis centrifugal pump can deliver any type of inert, corrosive liquid and viscous liquid containing a large amount of suspended solid particles such as sludge. PROCHEM series is suitable for conveying clean or slightly dirty liquids.

· large suction port design reduces impeller wear when sucking slurry

· shaft protection against any corrosion event is provided for the liquid being transported

· available in stainless steel versions and special models

After various attempts and tests

Side flow blower

Elmo Rietschle side channel blowers always provide flawless performance. G series has provided decades of service in this industry with proven reliability.

· reliable and durable performance, basically without any maintenance

· rugged and lightweight

· speed adjustment via external or internal converters

Expert advice and customer service


Let's be your experts

·Ingersoll Rand has become an expert with more than 300 years of experience and expertise, so you don't have to be an expert.

·Your needs will be our driving force, not our products. Guided by entrepreneurship, we undertake the most challenging problems and customize our solutions according to customers' needs.

·Our innovation is only to provide you with important results.

·We are your partner, not just the equipment supplier.


How can we support you

We focus on building meaningful partnerships to provide real advantages to our customers in the municipal sewage and industrial water treatment industry:

· data support industry insight

· results presentation is linked to your KPIs

· continuous commissioning

· service solutions designed to improve reliability / uptime


Optimize your device

Our customers rely on us every day to ensure that their systems operate efficiently and maintain excellent performance. Inefficiencies can occur in every aspect of the manufacturing process, from production to transportation and delivery and use sites. Our performance services are designed to solve the current inefficiency problem in your system and find it before it occurs. By tracking system performance, we can focus on improving system efficiency and provide in-depth insight into general trends, so as to improve the return on investment.


Eliminate speculation

·Our performance services eliminate guesswork, know where and how to solve your system inefficiency, help you improve productivity and reduce your operating costs.

·Our portfolio of assessment tools will provide you with detailed diagnosis and appropriate insight to help reduce your total cost of ownership (TCO)

Service and support

Meet your urgent needs anytime, anywhere

Global support

Ingersoll Rand is composed of many industry-leading and award-winning brands with rich knowledge and expertise to provide the spare parts, services and support needed to keep your business running. We are famous for our excellent operation in the world. We provide strong product and service support in the process of planning, installation and maintenance. We offer a variety of extended warranty and preventive maintenance programs designed to meet you and your needs.


Measurement, management, improvement

Identify inefficiencies in blower or pump units through professional energy audits. No matter what your goal is, we can work with you to create outstanding solutions for your business.

· efficiency monitoring

· fault management

· cost allocation

· point of use measurement

· pressure loss

· consumption audit

Preventive maintenance

Prevent in advance, not react later

With the support of certified service experts, Ingersoll Rand can help you implement regular service routines to improve efficiency and reliability while reducing downtime.

· system diagnosis

· equipment evaluation

· maintenance of identified components

· consumables replacement

Reliable practical application experience


Stand the test of time

With more than 300 years of experience and history and more than 40 brands, we provide market-leading solutions and services to help customers create a better life. We are the ultimate partner in vacuum, blower and compressed air solutions. Our products have been tested and applied to the sewage treatment industry all over the world.


Continuous improvement

The reason why our brand is enduring is that we are committed to continuous innovation and improvement, so that our customers can constantly meet new challenges and create good results in their business areas. Our customers rely on our groundbreaking technology to predict solutions even before they know what they need, providing unparalleled reliability and maximum performance.


Working with industry experts

L we are confident to take on difficult challenges and work with industry professionals to design solutions that perform well even under harsh conditions where downtime is very expensive.

L we provide proven expertise, productivity and efficiency improvements, provide real value to our customers and their business, and establish a lifelong connection with our customers.

· adhere to integrity

· focus on customers

· global cooperation

· put it into action

· innovative thinking

· sense of ownership