Sharing of energy saving transformation project of GD oil-free screw blower - Textile Industry

Service industry: Textile

Project Overview:

Jiangsu Changshu Hengyi Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd. is an enterprise producing FDY polyester. The low-pressure gas supply on the original production line is 3.5bar, and the partial gas volume of centrifugal air compressor is reduced to about 1bar. In order to reduce costs, at the beginning of 2021, under the recommendation of Gd, a iqs-5d oil-free screw blower is directly used for the low-pressure gas supply to realize partial pressure gas supply.

Energy saving project of partial pressure gas supply of screw blower in textile industry

Project description

In 2021, with the further aggravation of the epidemic in foreign countries and the return of the textile industry, the demand for intermediate materials such as network wire increased sharply. In order to reduce the manufacturing cost, customers' energy-saving requirements for network wire elastic gas were further improved. Therefore, Gd oil-free screw blower was used for partial pressure transformation.

1. One GD iqs-5d oil-free screw blower is adopted;

2. The maximum gas volume of the host can reach 160m3 / min, and the pressure rise can reach 1.4bar;

3. Air cooling, splash lubrication, convenient maintenance and low maintenance cost;

4. The direct connected frequency conversion unit has a flow regulation range of 25% - 100%, which can meet the requirements of user terminals

Project results

• the measured and compared air saving energy for depressurization of the original air compressor is more than 40;

• the later maintenance cost of the equipment is greatly reduced;

• variable frequency regulation has a wide flow range, which is applicable to the terminal gas consumption of different products, and the production and operation of customers is more flexible;

• lay a solid foundation for the further promotion of fan products in the textile industry.