CompAir launches totally new 160kW to 250kW lubricated screw range of compressors

Leading compressor manufacturer, CompAir, has started from the ground up to totally redesign its 160 kW to 250 kW oil-injected screw compressors to deliver a range of machines that both meet and exceed its existing and new customer requirements.

Commenting on the new range, Marcus Hamilton, Product Manager said, “By listening to our customer's needs and wishes, and incorporating the latest technology and design concepts, we have delivered an impressive range of compressors featuring higher free air delivery, new compact footprint, lower noise levels, new split radial cooling fan design, new controller, and many more features besides.”


There are eight models in the new range: L160, L200, L250 and L290 - all available as either fixed speed or regulated speed (RS), delivering capacities from 7 to 46 m3/min and pressures of 7.5, 10 and 13 bar.

Marcus Hamilton continues, “The result is an exciting new range of gear and direct drive machines that deliver up to 12% more compressed air with the same kW motor. With budget constraints and high energy costs being a major purchasing criteria for customers across the globe, we meticulously examined each component to deliver more benefits for less energy. Attention to detail is a priority. For example, suction of the coolest available air from an external, low level intake to the airend - this gives the 'real life conditions' advantage of enabling greater mass flow both into and out of the airend - effectively giving the customer more compressed air per kW and hence better overall performance.

Other areas such as splitting the cooler fans and chambers to ensure lowest compressed air discharge temperatures are achieved across the flow range, reducing customer's downstream costs and developing new air intake filters, which have a reduced ΔP by 13% over previous designs. Together, these innovations demonstrate the wide ranging level of design detail that has been incorporated into the range.”

Improved energy usage

A compressor's electricity usage can be up to 80% of the machine's total operating costs and owners are keen to use the latest technologies that can reduce the overall energy consumption. The new range of compressors uses CompAir's latest premium gear and direct 1:1 drive on RS machines, which increases efficiency and reliability.

Customers can gain maximum energy efficiency improvements with the new, premium efficiency inverter fitted in the RS variable speed machines, which can reduce running costs by up to 35%. Its unique cooling concept uses the suction side of the compressor's radial fans instead of relying on small, individual cooling fans, meaning that the components run cool continuously, for better energy efficiency and optimum reliability.

Easier maintenance

Excellent accessibility to all areas of the machine including regular service consumables and coolers makes the new range of compressors easier to service and more cost-effective to operate.

The re-engineered airend has an integrated oil filter and thermostatic valve, limiting the number of tubes and hoses that would otherwise require routine replacement. Higher reliability is also achieved with fewer points of leakage and the unit design means that there is greater space for cooling air to circulate, to prolong its life.

All major components are arranged to enable maintenance engineers easy access for routine servicing, helping to reduce equipment downtime. A hinged cover on the oil separator and premium automatic motor bearing lubrication are just a couple of the features that are now on this new standard of compressor design.

Intelligent design

At just 6.2 m2 for both the fixed and RS compressors, they have an exceptionally small footprint, making them ideal for installations where space is at a premium. The low speed airend produced in the new 'Centre of Excellence' in Germany, and radial fans with inverter options, ensure that the machines run quietly, with low noise levels starting from 76 dB (A) on the L160 model.

To help companies control budgets and maintain a consistent, high performance from their new compressor, CompAir provides its well known and free Assure™ extended warranty scheme on all models.

Unlike typical yearly-based warranties, Assure™ operates on the number of compressor running hours and is provided free-of-charge for up to 44,000 hours operating time or 6 years. Assure™ is designed to protect the customer's investment by ensuring that scheduled maintenance is carried out by CompAir's network of authorised service providers, using genuine CompAir spare parts and lubricants.