Breaking the Ground in Schopfheim

10 million euro invest currently the biggest within Gardner Denver


Schopfheim was the scene of a symbolic groundbreaking ceremony to kick off the construction work for the new factory building at Johann-Sutter-Strasse.

Currently there are three different sites at Schopfheim which will be consolidated into one.

During a town hall meeting (breakfast for all included) the project team, management, architect and planner as well as a deputee from the city of Schopfheim delivered the first cut of the spade. 

The project covering both the new construction as well as renovating the existing buildings comes in at about 10 million euros - currently the largest investment in the group.

Friedrich Justen, Managing Director, pointed out that “this is a small step for mankind but a huge leap for Gardner Denver”. Expanding the site at Johann-Sutter-Strasse reminded him of the historic roots of Wittig and Rietschle which go back more than 100 years at the idyllic Black Forest location.


A 6500 m² production hall with another 800 m² of office space will be built from scratch and the existing buildings will be renovated. These measures also encompass restructuring and reorganizing in many areas. Concentrating all activities at one site will bundle forces and improve our efficiency. 

The inauguration of the new Schopfheim site is planned for late summer in 2016.