Our range of automotive compressors, blowers and pumps are regularly driven hydraulically. In line with hydraulic drive requirements, we have developed a portfolio of Hydrapak hydraulic oil coolers dedicated to these types of flexible drive systems.

The benefits of a Hydrapak hydraulic oil cooler when compared to a traditional high volume oil tank include; reduced dimensional footprint leading to greater space saving, lower installation weight resulting in higher payload opportunities and increased energy efficiency.

Hydraulic Oil Cooler for Transport and Mobile Applications

No Traditional
Oil Tank


Increased Payload

Lower Running Costs

Our Hydraulic Oil Coolers

At Gardner Denver Transport Solutions we utilise the Hydrapak when packaging our compressors, blowers, vacuum exhausters and pumps. The Hydrapak can be configured for use with LPG, cryogenic, aviation fuel and petroleum pumps. Hydrapaks can also be used on specific walking floor applications. 


Why Choose Hydraulic Oil Coolers?

Our hydraulic oil coolers can be used in place of the traditional large hydraulic oil tanks which typically range in volumes between 200-300 litres. Our Hydrapak hydraulic oil coolers provide a significant space saving compared to the traditional oil tanks. This space saving also leads to an increased payload on the vehicle since there is no requirement to haul 200-300 litres of hydraulic oil and is replaced with the much lower net weight of our Hydrapak’s and lower oil volume (11 litres on the HK3, for instance).

Our Hydrapak hydraulic oil coolers also offer lower operating and maintenance costs. When the time comes for the annual hydraulic oil change, a much lower volume of oil is required which reduces the annual maintenance cost significantly. Applications for our Hydrapak hydraulic oil coolers include hydraulic drive compressors, blowers, vacuum pumps and walking floor applications.