Liquified Gas Transfer

For the unloading of liquified gases, we developed two drive systems to drive the cryogenic pump on the tanktrailer: Hydraulic version & Electric drive version.

Available Versions:

Hydraulic Version

This is a high pressure, high flow, hydraulic system, providing drive to a hydraulic motor, which is attached to the Cryogenic pump.

Safety features:

The system uses two computer controllers, which are situated on the tractor and on the trailer for e in the cab and the other on the trailer.

  • Automatic control of the unloading process
  • Emergency stop included for both engine as hydraulic system
  • Interlock safety between tractor and trailer
  • Built-in diagnostics on the screen of the cab monitor

Performance features:

  • Each of the controllers has a set of control functions, which maintain a safe operating envelope
  • Product discharge rate is continuously automatic controlled within its optimum range
  • Controlled discharge, to give the most efficient delivery, saving fuel and increasing component life
  • Controlled delivery pressure, against the tank conditions at the unloading site
  • Monitored product pump 'cool down', the pump always operates at the correct temperature

Electric Drive Version

This system uses an alternator mounted on the tractor unit. Hydraulics are used to turn the alternator via a close coupled hydraulic motor. The resulting electrical power, is transferred onto the trailer and drives an electric motor which is close coupled to the cryogenic pump.

Safety features:

  • Full control and interlocks of the alternator output, together with start-up timing
  • Full stability of electrical power to the cryogenic pump drive automatic emergency stop

Performance features:

  • Full control of speed and voltage of the alternator
  • Controlled product pump motor start-up, simple and effective and reduces weight
  • Temperature compensation 'hard start' proof, allowing brief electrical overload and uses the inherent hydraulic 'slip' as a cushion
  • Low fuel consumption, alternator is controlled on an open loop at near the correct speed when the vehicle is idling
  • Including on-screen diagnostics, available to Gardner Denver Service technicians.