Liquids are transported all over the world as fuel, food, waste, chemicals or for use in other processes. Gardner Denver Transport Solutions manufacture an extensive range of tank-truck liquid bulk air compressors and pumps to collect or deliver your liquids from road tankers at the fastest rates. Utilising a broad range of technologies, we manufacture blowers, compressors, vacuum pumps and cargo pumps to complete all your tasks in the shortest time, consuming the least amount of fuel.

liquid compressors and vacuum pumps


Our years of experience have allowed us to refine our liquid transfer product offering to match the exact needs of our customers. The Gardner Denver range of liquid bulk air compressors and pumps are compactly built, lightweight and designed for the efficient discharge of various bulk liquids, including; liquid food stuff, solvents, acids, alkalis, hot bitumen, resins, liquid waste and other raw products.

Liquid Food Stuffs

Juices, Milk, Chocolate, etc


Solvents, Resins, Bitumen, Acids & Alkalies


Lubricating Oil, Diesel Oil, Various Fuels

Waste Collection

Liquid Waste, Sewage, Environmental

bulk liquid compressor for tank truck installations





Compressor Delivery

Compressors are the fastest method of discharging low viscosity liquids and with no component compatibility issues, they are also the most adaptable for the majority of liquids carried on a road tanker. Our liquid air compressor solutions are reliable, compact and manufactured for faster and quiet discharge of bulk liquids from road tankers.

Variable Performance Envelope

Our liquid bulk air compressors offer a variety of flow rate classes, allowing you to specialise your compressor to your application and save on fuel whilst offering a greater degree of fleet utilisation.

Compact Size & Lightweight

Where space economy for mounting discharge equipment is at a premium, the small footprint and lightweight build of our compressors allow your fleet to maximise your payload opportunities.

Range of Technology

We utilise a range of technologies to provide you with different compressor types ideally suited to your application and product.

Contactless Operation

Our liquid bulk air compressors are designed for contact free operation, providing you a more versatile and flexible tanker fleet, free of potential contamination.

Liquid Discharge Compressor Applications




Vacuum Pump Configurations

By evacuating the air from a vacuum tanker, waste liquid products can be drawn inside from storage tanks, drain blockages or sewage collection points under the powerful suction performance of our vacuum pumps. Highly efficient, our machines provide a wide range of performances and flow rates at superior vacuum levels to shorten your loading times and reduce costs. The compact design, low operating noise levels and superior cooling performance provide ideal performance for a wide range of installations, applications and requirements. Variants of our waste liquid solutions are also available for applications where dry waste products has to be removed.

Powerful Performance

Our liquid vacuum pumps are available in many configurations with variable air flow performance available depending on what your application dictates.

Drive Flexibility

Where space economy for mounting discharge equipment is at a premium, the small footprint and lightweight build of our compressors allow your fleet to maximise your payload opportunities.

Truck Vacuum Pumps for Waste Collection RFW

Range of Applications

We can offer a range of hydraulic drive connection kits for some pumps to suit various hydraulic motors. Our vacuums can also be driven directly by PTO prop shaft, by belts and pulleys, or by electric motor or diesel engine making it applicable for all types of installation.



Stationary Pumps

The smooth, low shear pumping action of the SSP pumps is ideal for delicate media and where organic solids in suspension, creams, froths, gels, emulsions and mixtures are to be pumped. When considering which rotary lobe pump to utilise for your business, crucial consideration needs to be made to how the product will behave when pumped. SSP’s on-site equipment offers a computerised rheometer, providing vital insights to determine a fluids viscous behaviour.

Leading Efficiency

Our SSP Pumps provide solutions which have a low energy consumption, providing you with optimal output levels, whilst conserving energy usage.

Variable Performance

A smooth flow, reversible operation, low shear pumping, minimal pumped media agitation and multiple seal options result in solutions for the vast majority of liquid transfer industries.

Cost of Ownership

Simple maintenance and low operational cost mean your lifecycle costs of our stationary pumps save you capital year on year.