Genuine Parts

Maximize Production and Minimize Downtime
Genuine Parts Offer the Best Value

By choosing Robuschi genuine spare parts, you can ensure optimum performance of your blowers and pumps. Each component is developed with care and designed to maximize the product’s performance thus providing the best protection for your investment.

Robuschi guarantees:

EXACT FIT: Our components are designed to fit exactly in the product as intended, and made from the highest quality materials.

WARRANTY: Our genuine spare parts come with a 12 months warranty to give you the peace of mind you need for your investment.

ENERGY SAVINGS: Genuine spare parts have been carefully designed and selected to optimize the life of your equipment and in the long run, save you energy. Non-genuine spare parts have a shorter life expectancy and lead to higher energy consumption and cost of ownership.

HIGH QUALITY: Robuschi genuine spare parts are manufactured with the same high-quality material and standards as our blowers and pumps. You can trust that they are built to last so your investment is protected. Robuschi genuine spare parts are manufactured to the same standard as the blowers and pumps.

Service Kits

Maintain Your Robuschi Equipment the Easy and Efficient Way!

Robuschi service kits are an easy and cost effective solution that allows you to perform preventative maintenance and repairs on your lobe, screw, and vacuum pumps. Each service kit is specifically designed to meet the requirements of our product, and contains all the required spare parts in one convenient package.

They are marked for easy exploitation and application, and come in defined packages such as the Gear Service Kit or the Bearing Service Kit.


Select the Technology and See the Service Kits Available!

Advantages at a glance:

  • Cheaper to purchase then when bought separately
  • One single reference number for easy ordering
  • All necessary parts in one single package
  • Easy to identify and use
  • Ensure quick repair and minimum down time
  • Maintain product warranty

Contact us and see how easy it is to order a service kit for your specific device!

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