Montenegro (EN)

Bronze Gear Pumps

Bronze Rotary Gear standard pump housings and helical gears are made of top quality bronze. Shafts are stainless steel. Pumps are available with bronze bearings and grease fittings or with carbon bearings which require no lubrication. Dynamic seal arrangements include packing, lip, or mechanical seals for a variety of application requirements. Static cover o-ring seals eliminate gasket problems

  • Bronze Corrosion Resistant Castings
  • Special Cast Bronze Gears
  • Stainless Steel Shafts & Fasteners
  • Heavy Duty Carbon Bearings (Self Lubricating)
  • Positive Displacement Flow

Bronze Rotary Gear pumps are of the external gear positive displacement type, displacing a finite volume of fluid with each shaft revolution. As such, capacity varies in direct proportion to pump speed. They are suited to handle clear lubricating and non-lubricating fluids, with PH ranging from 4 to 11, and temperatures to 400F. These pumps handle viscous fluids to 100,000 cps (462000 SSU) at reduced shaft speeds, with flow rates to 175 GPM (662 LPM), differential pressures to 150 psig (10.3 BAR), and suction lift capability to 20 feet (6.1 meters) for new pumps.

Flows below 10 GPM

Flows between 10 GPM and 30 GPM

Flows above 30 GPM