40-bar air for blow moulding at new plant for the Gropper group of companies

Application Details

The Gropper group of companies, based in Bissingen in Swabia, Germany, processed approximately 290 million kilograms of milk (of which 50 million was biomilk) in 2015 in order to create a variety of milk products. The majority of these were sold under the brand names of large retail chains in Germany, and some in other European nations. Gropper employs around 700 people, buys milk from 870 suppliers and in the last fiscal year they achieved a turnover of approximately 400 million euros.

The company is continually expanding and in the last few years they began to manufacture smoothies and not-from-concentrate fruit juices. This has been a success: their annual production of these goods has already reached 80 million kilograms. To pave the way for further growth, Gropper opened a completely new plant in Stockach in autumn 2015. This plant will focus solely on the production of not-from-concentrate juices, which require refrigerated transport and storage. This ensures that the naturally fresh flavour is well preserved.