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H2S Gas Sweetening

Traditional Flare Gas Recovery Systems (FGRS) aim to recover and repurpose gasses and emissions, such as methane/LPGs and sulfur dioxide, that would normally be burned during the flaring process.

But did you know that today is possible to compress and scrub flare gas in one time?

The solution is GARO's WAIS Technology, which can effectively condense and scrub flare gas in one application, reducing or eliminating the need for a separate gas treating unit.

A traditional flare gas recovery system (FGRS) uses a separate gas treating unit to remove acidic gases, including H2S, from the process gas. In Garo's patented solution, the amine is used as the seal liquid to obtain acid gas removal from the process gas during the compression phase. Moreover, a three-phase separator, thanks to its innovative design, ensures 100% H2S removal. The result: a safe, sustainable and flexible system that reduces consumption and cost, while improving system reliability.


Benefits at a glance

  • Safety - Recovered gas can be used as fuel or sold
  • Flexibility - Able to withstand sudden and wide variation of H2S content
  • Reliability - Improves reliability by preventing buildup
  • Social and Environmental Responsibility - Near zero flare emissions & reduced noise and light pollution

Utilizing amine solution, which is already used in refineries to sweeten gas and liquid hydrocarbons, as a service liquid in compressors for flare gas recovery provides several advantages, others than the traditional flare gas recovery units:

  • No SWS treatment
  • No need for an amine washing unit or other external amine gas treatings
  • No cooling water
  • No process water
GARO WAIS (Washing Amine Integrated System) Liquid Ring Compressor System

High Pressure Gas Sweetening Systems

GARO Two-Stage Liquid Ring Compressor Package

  • Pressure range: up to 9 Bar Abs
  • Flow rate range: up to 4000 Am3/h per single compressor.
  • Materials: Stainless Steel; other materials upon request.
  • Sealing type: dual mechanical seals in back to back or tandem arrangement