Diaphragm Gas Pumps and Compressors

Diaphragm Gas Pumps for a Variety of OEM Applications

Diaphragm gas pumps are often selected for laboratory, medical, or environmental applications that require samples free of contamination.

Diaphragm technology can be characterized by pump efficiency, sealed air flow capability, and platform modularity. These positive displacement pumps are characterized by the leak-proof chamber, operational water vapour tolerance and outstanding chemical compatibility. Their design allows them to transfer various gases even with particles.

Thomas engineers were able to achieve excellent size to performance ratio and full controllability over the working point. Their high efficiency, sealed air-part and low sound levels makes them a perfect fit for a wide range of industries and applications. Thanks to that they are successfully used as a vacuum pump or compressor.

Thomas Diaphragm Gas Pumps and Compressors Characteristics

Motors may consist of AC or DC drive with few variants from low-cost DC up to brushless DC option. Membrane pumps feature single and multiple head models, which can be configured to use single, twin or Z-version motors and be configured to work in series or parallel. Thomas diaphragm gas pumps and compressors provide a flow rate ranging from 0,3 up to 90 litres per minute, with a vacuum to 1 mbar abs, and the pressure to 3,0 bar.

State-of-the-art engineering and design guarantees sealed air and reliability. That is complemented with a selection of pump head and Elastomer materials. Based on chemical resistance to the media being transferred, the client can choose the diaphragm and valve material among EPDM, FKM (Viton), Silicone, NBR (Perbunan), PTFE (Teflon).

Thomas Diaphragm Gas Pumps for Different Needs 

Saying that we Thomas provides the most extensive variety of diaphragm gas pumps on the market would be an understatement. We bring a wide variety of 27 membrane pump series which including models and various configurations gives a selection of over 100 000 pumps.

One size does not fit all - that’s why Thomas diaphragm pumps offer you the platform that can be extensively customized, depending on the model series, giving you unlimited configuration options.

Features product series

1014 Series: The smallest gas diaphragm platform measures just 1.3” (33mm) in length and can provide more than 0.5 LPM flow. This pump weighs a mere 15g and is desirable in negative pressure wound therapy devices due to the high vacuum performance. The 1014 is able to operate continuously at pressure or vacuum working points and offers and offers restart option at low temperatures when used in cold environments.

3014 Series: The 3014 series has a flow capability of up to 1 LPM flow. The 3014 series is often selected for anesthesia monitoring, pipetting, and gas detection applications. The 3014 is offered in multiple voltage, permanent magnet or ironless core DC motor options.

1410/1420 Series: The 1410/1420 series is the most versatile diaphragm gas pump family in our portfolio, with pressure or vacuum-specific models, as well as with dual functionality (pressure and vacuum capable). The 1410/1420 series offers a wide range of customization including motors (brushed or brushless) and voltages, elastomers (EPDM or FKM) and other wetted part material options. The 1410/1420 series pumps offer capability of more than 90% vacuum, 2 bar pressure, and flow up to 11 LPM, depending on the model.

1610/1620 Series: The 1610/1620 series offers robust, reliable, and stable performance in a relatively small size: 16.5 LPM flow, 90% vacuum capability, and 2 bar pressurization. The 1610/20 series is often paired with a peristaltic pump in emissions monitoring systems for condensate removal.

Typical Applications

Diaphragm pumps have a proven record of successful utilization in various applications, wherever efficient, compact vacuum pumps or compressors are required. In regards to the application in portable or mission-critical devices, it’s worth to mention that our pumps with BLDC drive can proudly deliver performance for over
10.000+ h.

Medical and Laboratory instruments

OEM of medical devices relies on Diaphragm Gas Pumps and Compressors for multiple benefits they bring onboard their instruments. Patients and healthcare workers value quiet operations and excellent reliability. Manufacturers value our pumps for their

Compact, lightweight and leak-proof design. Thomas gas pumps are regarded as reliable, efficient devices that thanks to high-quality design and materials increase the battery life of the end device.

Medical and Dental Autoclaves

Another application that utilizes diaphragm as a vacuum Pump in an autoclave for medical-dental instruments. High-efficiency and low vibration are the key advantages of this quiet and oil-less technology.

Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (NPWT)

Therapeutic technique also referred to as vacuum assisted closure (VAC) stimulates healing of wounds and burns through a film under a negative pressure. Suction side pulls fluid and infection from the wound and rely on Thomas pumps for a low sound level, extended pump lifetime and efficiency due to brushless DC configurations.


Air or gas sampling is only effective when an uncontaminated sample is analyzed. That’s why a capnography device relies on a diaphragm pump to transfer a patient’s breath to a sensor for analysis. For smaller units, a miniature model can be placed, still providing low sound and long-lifetime.

Handheld or Portable Gas detectors and Analyzers

Diaphragm models available with DC-motors can be used for battery-powered devices, such as handheld gas detection equipment. Leak tight design and chemical resistance are leading advantages

Car Exhaust Gas Analysis

Car exhaust gas analysis is performed to obtain information on combustion engine exhaust gases for emissions control purposes. Because the exhaust gas can contain water vapour, the diaphragm technology is the best solution thanks to sealed air path, water vapour tolerance and chemically compatible materials. A unique feature that Thomas can deliver is a gas and a liquid pump head for condensate removal.