111 Bronze Gear Pump
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Progressive Cavity Pump - 111

These pump housings and mounting brackets are made from cast aluminum or bronze alloy. The rotor is made from stainless steel with a hard chrome plate for improved wear properties. The stator is made from molded Nitrile. The mechanical seal is a carbon and ceramic rotary face type for positive sealing.

This pump is supplied close coupled to gasoline engine or as a pump alone complete with attaching parts and instructions for mounting. Any 2 or 4 cycle gasoline engine having a standard S.A.E. 4 bolt mounting flange and 5/8 inch shaft diameter with key slot can be used. An engine rating of at least 2.2 horsepower at 3600 R.P.M. is necessary as only about one-half of rated power is available at the recommended pump speed of 2100 R.P.M. Larger horsepower engines (3 H.P. at 3600 R.P.M.) with 5/8 inch shaft diameter and suitable flange mounting provide extra power to compensate for power losses due to carbon deposits and gumming.