Industrial Central Vacuum Systems & Accessories

Hoffman And Lamson Has Exited Engineered and Industrial Central Vacuum Systems Business - Continues Aftermarket & Parts Support

Thank you for your interest in Hoffman and Lamson Industrial Central Vacuum and Engineered Vacuum Systems (EVS)!

Effective July 2022, Hoffman and Lamson has made the difficult decision to discontinue the development and manufacturing of new Central and Engineered Vacuum Systems, primarily due to a shift in internal business priorities. This change was immediate and is currently in effect.  

We are grateful for the long-term support of our loyal EVS customers and continue to provide long-term support for parts, oils, and accessories. If you are in need of product support or parts, please click the appropriate link below!

Vacuum Hoses & Tools

We offer a wide range of commercial, industrial, and utility vacuum hoses, floor rods, and hand tools to the vacuum marketplace. Our vacuum hoses are available in a variety of materials such as flexible plastic, heavy-duty rubber, crush-proof plastic, and more!


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Vacuum Hoses, Tools & Accessories
Tubing and Fitting

Central Vacuum Tubing & Fittings

We offer a complete line of Smooth Flow tubing and fittings, which help simplify installation and reduce piping loss. The lightweight tubing and fittings provide efficient and cost-effective piping and are selected worldwide in place of heavy cast iron piping. Available in many different sizes, gauges, and materials, Hoffman & Lamson has every tubing and fitting your operation will need.


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