Offshore Gas Compressors and Compression Packages

Garo packaged compression systems for offshore applications guarantee reliable, low maintenance performance.

Offshore environments create unique challenges for both operators and systems. The working conditions at sea, under some of the toughest climates and often far from special maintenance and service facilities, demand the highest levels of reliability.

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Thanks to their robust and reliable design, Garo liquid ring compressors are the ideal choice for offshore applications. Liquid ring compressors run cool and have the ability to clean the gas as they compress it - removing the need for downstream condensers and scrubbers. The result is a simpler, more reliable system.
Used in packaged systems, Garo compressors can recover fuel or flare gasses, and condense valuable hydrocarbons. This allows operators to maximize profitability by recycling process gases and vapors that would otherwise be lost or burnt. At the same time, Garo solutions can help FPSOs, FSOs, and Offshore Platforms meet the stringent environmental legislation, which prohibits the flaring of waste gasses.
Garo machines can be used for a range of applications in the offshore industry, including flare gas compression, vapor recovery, and vent gas recovery. Discover our full range, and learn about how Garo compressors can benefit your offshore operations!

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