Paper Machine Vacuum Blower Systems

RunEco Solution

Environmentally friendly and energy efficient, RunEco paper machine vacuum system provides a reliable, completely water free vacuum solution that is ideal for industrial paper machine vacuum applications.

RunEco Paper Machine Vacuum System consists of EP Turbo blower, EcoDrop water separator and EcoFlow dewatering measurement. RunEco vacuum system saves 30-70% of energy and 100% of water for your vacuum system. Efficient exhaust side heat recovery systems can also be included in the RunEco solution resulting in improved overall heat recovery output and energy efficiency. Normal payback time for RunEco rebuild is 1-3 years.

Vacuum at a paper machine is used for a variety of reasons, for dewatering the paper sheet but also for holding and controlling the paper route through the press section and conditioning the press felts. Vacuum is also used to hold and control the water jet at a suction roll. 

Vacuum is an expensive tool and often excessively used. With the increasing cost of energy, to stay competitive paper mills are demanding reduced operational costs. Therefore, it makes sense to review air flow demands and, when suitable, apply an old school thinking, i.e. nip-dewatering.

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