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Petroleum/Oil and Gas Fuel Pumps

MP and Oberdorfer petrochemical and oil & gas models capitalize on the need for transfer pumps to handle various fossil and bio-fuels. These industries alone play a key role in keeping the global economy running. MP Pumps centrifugal Series line and multiple Oberdorfer gear pump designs are targeted at the bulk transfer market and designed for use in multiple applications. Agricultural, fuel transport, aviation and many other fuel transfer applications can benefit from our petroleum fuel pump line.

Other pump manufacturers design their pumps to be capable of handling all petroleum base fluids. This “one pump fits all” approach creates unnecessary costs for most customers. MP Pumps and Oberdorfer pumps grouped various petroleum fluids according to their characteristics and designed multiple pump series to address those characteristics.

PO and SO Series pumps are made to handle diesel fuel and biodiesel. In each case the volutes or housings, flanges, impellers, adapters, and seals are engineered for safety, performance, and durability.

Pumps can also be customized to meet a customer’s unique requirements. “P” pumps employ the self-priming features of MP Pumps’ innovative FLOMAX® line. “S” pumps offer end-suction design. Either way, MP offers a great solution to all of your fuel pumping problems.



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