All air compressor oil is created equally right? Wrong. Oil for your compressed air system is incredibly important for longevity and reliability. Gardner Denver air compressor oil is factory tested, approved and recommended for Gardner Denver compressors. Our AEON brand of oil is of high grade quality and ideal for operating at peak efficiency while maintaining performance.

Gardner Denver offers compressor oils that are mineral based, semi-synthetic, or fully synthetic to meet various conditions, which means less carbon build up within your compressor, better performance and longevity. Failure to properly lubricate your compressor can lead to friction, which causes premature wear, or overheating, which can cause catastrophic issues within your compressor. Selecting the right type of oil is essential for extending the life of your compressor.

Rotary and Recip Compressor Oils

An oil lubricated rotary screw compressor will not operate efficiently without proper lubrication. The oil in this type of compressor cycles thousands of times daily. The air compressor oil absorbs the heat caused by compression and is cooled before being reused. The oil is sheared by the rotors as it seals the rotor clearances.

Failure to properly lubricate a reciprocating compressor leads to friction, causing parts to wear down over time. The right type of air compressor oil for your compressor depends on whether you are compressing air or gas, as well as the required discharge pressure of your system.

Always use the proper type of oil when lubricating your air compressor. Each compressor has a proper weight and grade of oil that is needed which is specified by the manufacturer. Also, keep up with the recommended maintenance schedules to keep your oil from breaking down and becoming less effective.

Synthetic air compressor oils are recommended for most compressed air system applications, due to superior lubrication and performance.

Protect Your Equipment and Your Product

Gardner Denver compressed air systems are specifically designed and developed to provide the best quality compressed air, wherever and whenever you need it. The long term reliability and efficiency of your compressed air system depends upon using only genuine Gardner Denver lubricants.

Our genuine Gardner Denver lubricant is engineered specifically for your Gardner Denver air compressor to optimize its life expectancy. Maintaining proper service intervals for your equipment will help ensure your air compressor runs efficiently and stays in warranty. Protect your investment by always using OEM air compressor oil.