Swivel Joints for Medium, Heave and Specialist Applications

A Range of Reliable and Durable Swivel Joint Models Designed for Processes Requiring Safety, Easy Handling and Low-Wear Characteristics

Emco Wheaton offers a broad selection of state-of-the-art swivel joints that are capable of handling a wide variety of gasses, fluids and food products. They can be used in a large number of medium, heavy and specialist applications in industries including chemical, petrochemical and oil and gas.

Emco Wheaton Swivel Joints’ Working Principle

Swivel joints are utilized for transporting liquids and gasses between two pieces of equipment and are a key element of loading arms. They are articulations enabling a movable connection of two pipes in situations when the use of a hose is not possible. Swivel joints provide mobility and adaptability, while not compromising the safety and reliability of the piping system.
Emco Wheaton’s swivel joints feature an inner and outer part joined by one or two integrated ball tracks. They relieve pipeline stress and prevent bends that could potentially reduce flow or result in pipe rips and product leaks. When multiple swivel joints are combined together, they ensure 360° rotation across all planes.
Our swivel joints are equipped with a product-specific seal. The seal is pressed against the axial sealing surface through prestressing or with the help of a spring. Some models feature precision-finished sealing surfaces plated with stainless steel. The sealing of Emco Wheaton’s swivel joints meets the requirements of environmental protection regulations.
Depending on the media being handled and the customer’s specific process needs, our swivel joints are offered in many variants. Various materials of product-carrying parts are on offer. Customized options are available to make sure Emco Wheaton swivel joints optimize our customers’ liquid or gas transfer, whatever the application.

Emco Swivel Joints’ Operation

Made of high-quality materials including carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminum, Emco Wheaton’s swivel joints are engineered to provide maximum safety and longevity. Their exact load capacity depends on the particular swivel joint type and the characteristics of the given application. Emco Wheaton’s offering includes:

  • Swivel joints for medium duty that are made of aluminum and feature unhardened ball tracks. They can handle moderate loads and are designed for road and rail tanker loading arms, as well as floating suction systems.
  • Swivel joints for heavy duty that feature internal flanges, hardened and polished ball tracks and stainless steel-plated sealing surfaces. They can be used in articulated pipelines of all kinds.
  • Swivel joints for heavy duty with encapsulated ball tracks that ensure ball track protection in the event of a leak. They are designed for articulated pipelines piping corrosive
  • Swivel joints for special heavy duty applications that are suitable for the piping of highly dangerous media (including cryogenic products) to which normal metals are not resistant.

The Benefits of Using Emco Wheaton’s Swivel Joints

Emco Wheaton’s industry-leading swivel joints are designed to deliver the utmost reliability and maximized operational integrity, as well as flexibility and ease of use. Their unique design features and performance capabilities provide you with a number of key benefits that include:

  • Outstanding multifunctionality, with our swivel joints being suitable for handling a variety of liquid and gas media in numerous medium, heavy and specialist applications.
  • Superior adaptability – Emco Wheaton’s swivel joints can be used in many different configurations, enabling full rotation across all planes.
  • Operational safety ensured by hardened, precision-ground ball tracks and advanced anti-leak features.
  • Unrivaled durability guaranteed by a top-of-the-class design, robust construction and the use of the highest-quality materials.
  • Easy maintenance, with the use of an internal flange making it possible to replace the ball tracks and the seal without removing the swivel joint from the pipeline.
  • Regulatory compliance – our swivel joints are produced in accordance with articulated pipework regulations. They can also be adapted to comply with other specific laws.