Liquid Pump Technologies for OEMs

Thomas Liquid Pump Technologies for Variety of Applications

Thomas liquid pumps are well-suited to transfer all types of liquids, whether neutral or corrosive. Our pumps are engineered to withstand harsh chemicals while delivering long life and maximum performance. Compact by design, Thomas liquid pumps set industry standards for high-quality design and reliable performance. After all, pump engineering is a part of the Thomas DNA.

As a result of a fruitful collaboration between our experienced team of engineers and our OEM customers, we are able to value-engineer Thomas pump technologies, customize solutions to meet customer specifications, and guarantee products that are built to perform.

Liquid Pump Technologies: Diaphragm, Linear Diaphragm, and Peristaltic Pumps

The Thomas liquid pump portfolio offers a broad selection of oil-free liquid pumps that can be customized to meet your OEM device design specifications. Our positive displacement pumps can be mounted in virtually any position and come with maintenance-free, or low maintenance pump designs.



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How to Select the Right Liquid Pump Technology for Your Application?

Peristaltic Pumps

Peristaltic pumps are ideal for applications that require minimal cross-contamination (carry-over). The only part of the pump to come into contact with the fluid is the tubing. The ease of replacing the tubing or cassette is a smooth process and ensures high process stability.

Thomas provides peristaltic pumps across many industries, such as: medical, laboratory, industrial, and food and beverage. Our pumps generate flow rates ranging from smaller than 0.0003 cfm (>0.1 ml/min) up to 0.1059 cfm (3000 ml/min) . Various tube materials from silicone over medical grade tubing to FKM tubing are available depending on their compatibility with the media.

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Peristaltic Technology Advantages

Whenever viscous media need to be transferred, peristaltic pumps are a great solution, as they do not require valves.

Many medical devices, analytical instruments, and bioprocessing equipment rely on peristaltic pumps, to minimize cross-contamination, which contributes to process stability. Examples of such equipment include bioreactors, cell harvesters, or dialysis machines that incorporate peristaltic pumps for handling fluids.

Liquid Diaphragm Pumps

Thomas is one of few manufacturers with dedicated liquid diaphragm pumps. Our membrane pumps designs feature smaller diaphragm strokes, stiffer diaphragm materials, and more robust bearings than air pumps.

The pumps range from 0.007 cfm (200 ml/min) to 0.0635 cfm (1.8 l/m) and operate in pressures up to 6 bar (61.2 m H2O). Twin head configurations can be offered for high volume requirements. The Thomas liquid pumps range features an extensive range of brushed and brushless DC motors. Depending on the type of liquid, you can choose pump components in the most suitable material, such as EPDM, FKM, PTFE or FFKM.

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Main Advantages of Liquid Diaphragm Pumps

Liquid diaphragm pumps show high resistance to pressure combined with continuous runtimes of 10,000 hours or more. They are the best solution for many OEM applications, thanks to the supreme flow to size ratio.

These reciprocating pumps create higher pulsation than other technologies. On top of that, they stand out due to their superior long-term compatibility with aggressive media and unprecedented service-free lifetime.

Liquid Linear Pumps

Linear pumps are a cost-effective solution that provides a long lifetime and emits low sound levels. They are great for low-pressure requirements due to their compact size and hermetical leak tightness.

The Thomas LMF linear pump series provides flow rates up to 0.0105 cfm (300 ml/minute). We offer a choice between EPDM and FKM elastomers and a few options for AC and DC motors.

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Main Advantages of Liquid Linear Pumps

Liquid linear diaphragm pumps are quiet and highly efficient. With fewer wearing parts than equivalent reciprocating pump technologies, linear pumps are regarded as long life and low maintenance components for medical, industrial, and environmental applications. These applications can include the delivery of methanol in fuel cells or the dispensing of detergent in cleaning devices.

Liquid Pumps for Variety of OEM Devices and Applications

Fluids That Can Be Pumped with Liquid Pumps from Thomas

Modular compact design, combined with long-life durability and operating effectiveness, makes Thomas liquid pumps the primary choice for handling any liquids. Our pumps seamlessly distribute even aggressive, abrasive, and viscous liquids, as well as fluids with particles.

Thomas liquid pumps can handle many chemical fluids, such as detergents, reagents, or inks.

They are versatile and suitable for a broad range of applications and find use in the handling of

  • purified water
  • aqueous foods and beverages
  • detergents
  • reagents
  • acids and bases
  • inks
  • and many other process fluids

As you can see, Thomas provides an ample selection of liquid pump models and platforms that address the needs of medical, cleaning & disinfection, environmental, printing, and other industries.

Lean on Thomas for Your Project’s Success

Because selecting the right pump can determine the scale of success of the final solution, our product specialists and engineers are here to support you with every step of the selection process. Our experts collaborate closely with our OEM customers to customize existing products towards their specific liquid handling needs or assist them in the development of tailor-made products according to provided specifications.

High Precision Liquid Handling Equipment by TriContinent

For original equipment manufacturers looking for precise liquid handling solutions, in addition to the Thomas brand, Ingersoll Rand also offers precision liquid handling equipment by TriContinent.

TriContinent is a leading manufacturer of precision syringe pumps, positive displacement pumps, and air displacement pipetting pumps. Their solutions offer a unique combination of low flow and low pulsation. TriContinent products are the foundation of many leading laboratory and medical equipment and set the bar for precision and accuracy.

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