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You want a brand you can trust on the water and Oberdorfer pumps deliver efficiency and peace of mind. Our centrifugal and gear marine pumps are ideal in a wide array of applications such as air conditioning, bilge and seawater recirculation, oil change, fuel transfer, and more. Many of the leading marine manufacturers and boat operators have come to rely on Oberdorfer for fuel transfer and conditioning, ballast trimming and oil transfer.

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Marine Fluid Transfer

Oberdorfer pumps deliver efficiency and peace of mind due to their superior design and reliability. Our pumps are designed to transfer corrosive and non-corrosive fluids for a wide variety of applications.

Oil Change

Oberdorfer Oil Change Pumps are ideal for dock-side oil changes or for engine room use. Made of bronze and stainless steel shafts, they feature carbon bearings, spring loaded lip seals and are available with or without AC or DC motors.

Bilge Pumping

Oberdorfer Gear Pumps with high capacity corrosion resistant design, O-ring for a better seal and helical gears that keep the pump quiet are used for bilge pumping. Oberdorfer bilge pumps can also be used as a transfer pump for diesel fuel, lube oils; pressure pump for deck wash-down, cleaning buoys & auxiliary steering pumps for barges. 


Fuel Transfer

Getting fuel from one place to another is no problem for the Oberdorfer Bronze Gear Pumps. Oberdorfer fuel transfer pumps are available in many different sizes, there’s one just right for your application. Formed ring seal packing (lip and mechanical seals on special orders), heavy duty self-lubricating carbon bearings and positive displacement flow. 

Fire Pump or Ballast Transfer

Responding to fire emergencies with effective pumping equipment is crucial to any boat owner. As important, whether the ship is at sea or docked ballast water is carried on all vessels large or small to maintain stability. An efficient ballast water plan is vital for all ships. Oberdorfer Rotary Gear Pumps are large capacity pumps that get water to the problem quickly and efficiently. Oberdorfer fire pumps and ballast transfer pumps contain self-lubricating carbon bearings, stainless steel shafts and are self-priming with a suction lift of 20 ft. Also available with a relief valve which functions as a discharge pressure relief when the spring tension is exceeded by the discharge pressure.


Oberdorfer manufactures a variety of rugged and reliable baitwell pumps. Oberdorfer centrifugal pumps and flexible impeller pumps are mounted below deck on stern; below water line for gravity flow with pump head down and motor above, so that any failure of seal will not allow seawater to drip on motor. 

Air Conditioning Coolant Pumps

Oberdorfer is the most trusted name in air conditioning pumps. Oberdorfer marine bronze pumps have been designed specifically for use as raw water recirculating pumps on marine air conditioners. Oberdorfer Centrifugal or Flexible Impeller pumps are widely used by many manufactures of marine A/C units as standard equipment on their new products.

Engine Cooling

Oberdorfer makes the most rugged and durable engine cooling pumps. Flexible impeller pumps are the accepted design for almost all raw water cooling systems on engines in use today. Oberdorfer heavy duty marine pumps are being installed as original equipment by leading manufactures of marine engines. These pumps incorporate some of the most advanced design features available to assure long and trouble-free service on severe marine applications. 

Engine Cooling Generator Recirculating

Oberdorfer makes the most rugged and durable engine cooling pumps. Engine cooling pumps for generator recirculating can either centrifugal pumps or flexible impeller pumps. Centrifugal Pumps are designed for pulley drive with heavy duty ball bearings and mechanical seal. Our engine cooling centrifugal pumps handle contaminated liquids with no lubrication required. All pedestal and flange mounted Flexible Impeller Pumps are made of high quality bronze of maximum corrosion resistance. All shafts are made of stainless steel.

Ice Making Pumps

Oberdorfer ice making centrifugal pumps deliver a high-volume of flow with a smooth, non-pulsating delivery, making us a leading centrifugal pump manufacturer. These pumps contain few moving parts resulting in less wear and less maintenance. Our centrifugal pumps are constructed out of bronze, which is ideal in marine applications and for handling harsh solvents. Our centrifugal pumps provide up to 20 feet of suction lift and can handle the most difficult solvents with the proper seals. Several of our centrifugal pumps are self-priming.

Sewage Transfer

Boat builders have replaced competitor pumps with Oberdorfer sewage transfer pumps to pump seawater directly from cock to flush ship toilets (Head). Effluent goes directly to a chemical treatment tank and then discharged via gravity flow. Application and method meets or exceeds all requirements set forth by the U.S Coast Guard.