Rotary Screw Compressors

Gardner Denver rotary screw air compressors are designed to meet the highest requirements of a modern work environment.  Easy to implement into any sized compressed air system, our rotary screw air compressors provide efficiency, low noise emissions, and robust performance.

Rotary screw air compressors, sometimes known as twin screw compressors, are the most universal compressors used today. Because of their wide range in size and power specifications, rotary screw air compressors are used in large mass production factories as well as small family business shops.


How Does a Rotary Screw Air Compressor Work?

Rotary compressors contain two rotors, categorized as male and female, with each rotor comprised of a set of helical lobes affixed to a shaft. The female rotor has typically more valleys (flutes) than the male rotor lobes. As air enters the compressor through the inlet valve, it becomes trapped between the two rotors. As they turn, the air pressure is increased by reducing its volume.


Why Oil Injected Rotary Screw Compressors?

Low maintenance – Oil coated parts have a much longer life expectancy. In fact, in most cases the rotors of rotary screw processor never have to be replaced.
Cooling - The compressor is cooled by the injected oil so water-cooling is not needed.
Sealing – The oil creates a seal in the compressor preventing the air from seeping out.
Noise Reduction – The oil lubricates moving parts so less friction is produced.

Cost-Effective and Efficient

Our new designs use Premium Efficiency Air Ends and Integrated Heat Recovery systems. When implemented into compressed air systems, these features make our rotary screw compressors flexible, powerful, yet efficient. 


Build to Last in Demanding Conditions

Our rotary screw air compressors have been designed to provide top efficiency and reliability. They can be used in low, high or variable air pressure systems, and in controlled as well as harsh conditions. 


Wide Selection of Rotary Screw Air Compressors

Gardner Denver rotary screw compressors come in all shapes and sizes so you can implement them in any compressed air system:

  • Power range from 2.2 – 500 kW
  • Oil free, oil less, or oil injected
  • Portable, or small footprint stationary
  • Fixed or variable speed
  • Integrated Air Aftercooler to cool discharged air and remove excess moisture
  • Air-cooled and water-cooled options
  • Available Advanced Control Systems

As Global manufacturers and suppliers of compressors, Gardner Denver has the rotary screw air compressor solution you need. Today, we remain at the forefront of rotary screw air compressor technology that uses state of the art parts and designs.

For more information on Rotary Screw Technology, go to Rotary Screw Compressors - Working Principle.

CompAir L02 - L05 & Gardner Denver ESM 2 - 5
These plug and play low noise, environmentally friendly, fixed speed compressors are available in stand alone, receiver-mounted and air station (complete with dryer) variations. Auto stop/start saves energy by only running the compressor when there is a demand. Optional controllers can be fitted to provide useful operational information in addition to service requirement. Reliable and robust for continuous running, these compressors are easy to maintain and perfect for numerous applications.

CompAir L07 - L22, RS & Gardner Denver ESM/VS 7 - 22
A wide range of models are available here, including regulated (variable) speed, receiver-mounted and Airstations which come complete with refrigerant dryers, making the range ideal for most applications. Integrated heat recovery is also available as an option. As with the L02 - L05 models, these compressors have a small footprint and are highly flexible with fully integrated and energy efficient aired design which in itself allows the compressors to operate at low rotational speeds – further adding to the energy saving capabilities. The controller is fitted as standard and ensures reliable operation and protection for the unit.

CompAir L23 - L29, RS & Gardner Denver ESM/VS 23 - 29
These 23kW to 29kW compressors continue with the theme of reliability and flexibility, offering total peace of mind and a long service life. The IE 3 electric motors offer reduced CO2 emissions, while the integrated and innovative design which includes oil separation and filter, plus a thermostatic bypass valve, delivers excellent reliability through a reduction in the number of components and external hoses.

CompAir L30 - L140, RS & Gardner Denver ESM/VS 30 - 132
Low dBA levels, small footprint and high efficiency continue with these 30kW to 132kW compressors – in addition to being easy to service and offering low maintainance. These are complimented by high efficiency models with larger airends in the 30, 37 and 45kW drive motor range. High resolution, multilingual touchscreen controllers again ensure protection for your investment at the same time delivering reliability and reduced running costs.

CompAir L160 - L290, RS & Gardner Denver ESM/VS 160 - 290
These 160 to 250kW drive motor compressors are the preferred choice for applications requiring large capacity output as they deliver 12% more air with the same motor size. These gear and direct drive units can further reduce running costs by around 35% when specified in RS or VS guise which utilise a premium efficiency inverter.

Tamrotor Tempest and CT series
Designed for many mobile OEM applications, these compact units are available as integrated or self-contained packages for the most demanding of environments. Both utilise the Enduro series rotary screw aired (2.2 - 500kW) which sets new standards in endurance and efficiency – over 300,000 units installed worldwide.