Walking Floor Trailer Applications – Hydraulic Oil Coolers


Walking floor trailers, sometimes called moving floor trailers, are used to transport bulk or large quantities of packaged cargo. The hydraulically controlled floor system is used to move the load while the driver controls the operation from a safe distance.

Gardner Denver hydraulic oil coolers provide many benefits to the equipment operator. Firstly, removal of a traditional oil tank when fitted to a tractor unit will increase your payload by as much as 180kg.

Secondly, the compact design of our Hydrapak is ideally suited for today’s tractor units. Plus, in terms of operational benefits, the user will see additional savings on routine maintenance as there is less oil in their systems.

The high levels of filtration within Gardner Denver hydraulic oil coolers can also reduce the potential for contaminated oil within the system, reducing maintenance costs and ensuring continued efficient performance. Another benefit is that components such as valves, cylinders, and the hydraulic pump are protected.

walking floor trailer hydraulic systems

Space & Payload

With low installed weight, the Hydrapak represents a huge saving over traditional oil tank systems which will increase your operational payload. A compact installation footprint means a GD Hydrapak can be installed neatly on the majority of today’s 6x2 tractor units.

Range of Applications

Walking floor systems are available in various sizes and performances, from standard to heavy duty, which can be rated up to 80,000kg. With our range of hydraulic oil coolers, we are almost certain to have the correct product to suit your industry needs.


No IVA Requirements

Due to the low installed weight of the GD Hydrapak (approximately 90kgs) your truck will not require a costly IVA prior to vehicle registration.

walking floor trailer hydraulics

Installation Flexibility

A typical walking floor trailer system operates at around 225 Bar, with oil flow at 110 litres per minute, making our compact GD Hydrapak cooler ideal to meet the demands of most walking floor or belt discharge systems. We can also provide various models and versions of our hydraulic oil coolers with varying operating performances which can be tailored to suit most walking floor trailers.

Technical Specifications

Our hydraulic oil coolers provide guaranteed cooling and are not as susceptible to the effects of ambient temperature or operating conditions as the oil tanks. It is important to check the systems peak oil flow and pressure to ensure that they are within the operating parameters of the chosen Hydrapak model.