Coach & Bus Air Compressor Packages for the E-mobility Application

Gardner Denver has worked with some of the world’s biggest vehicle manufacturers to design and implement coach and bus air compressor packages. Our latest range is specifically designed to meet the needs of modern-day fleets, whether hybrid, fully electric or powered by alternative fuels.

electric bus

Air compressors play an essential role in powering critical systems on buses and coaches, not least braking and suspension. However, hybrid and fully electric vehicles now demand more from their ancillary systems when compared to traditional diesel drivetrains. Gardner Denver’s new TX series of air compressors have been developed to match electric drives, making it possible for customers to accelerate their journey to low or even zero emissions.

Gardner Denver recognises that companies can operate a number of different vehicles, ranging from eight metre coaches up to full 18-metre trolleybuses. This variation can cause air supply issues, with larger vehicles naturally requiring more from an onboard compressor. Gardner Denver’s TX02 is the ideal solution to this problem, with its rotary vane technology permitting a range of speed, power, flow and pressure configurations. This means one package can deliver all air options needed when running a large fleet. Flow rates can be varied depending on the application demand between 90 – 450 L/min.

TX series air compressors are also compact. Different motor and cooling options allow our vane compressors to easily slot into different spaces found on a bus or coach chassis. As with all Gardner Denver products, certain modifications can be made to ensure the package provided is best matched to a customer’s specific needs.

bus air compressor

Rotary vane compressors benefit from having only one major moving part. Compressed air is produced by a rotating shaft with vanes that are free to move with centrifugal force. This more efficient design means there this minimal wear on components, less stress and lower levels of wasted heat. As such, minimal maintenance is required and there is a much lower chance of costly downtime.

This range is designed to produce minimal noise and vibration. Gardner Denver’s quiet models assure the best passenger and driver experience, even in hybrid and electric vehicles that no longer mask the sound of a compressor.

electric bus air compressor installation

Gardner Denver is certified to IATF 16949. The standard demonstrates that Gardner Denver works within a quality management system that is founded on risk reduction and a policy of continuous improvement. This includes preventing defects during production, limiting variation between products, and reducing waste in the supply chain.

Our Coach & Bus Air Compressor Packages