Dry Bulk Conveying Solutions

Gardner Denver stands out as the industry leader. Our wide selection of dry bulk blower solutions is designed to efficiently load and unload dry bulk pneumatic trailers. Whether it's cement, plastic pellets, pebbles, sand or feeds, Gardner Denver dry bulk blowers are tailored to suit your specific needs, ensuring efficient and effective performance for your applications. With the broadest product offering in the industry, Gardner Denver guarantees that, no matter your requirements, we have a solution for you.

Dry Bulk Technology

Dry bulk blower technology efficiently moves dry materials through pipeline systems. By harnessing the power of pressurized air, these blowers generate a high-volume, low-pressure airflow that propels materials with precision and speed. This innovative approach revolutionizes the transportation of dry substances, offering unparalleled efficiency and reliability.



Gardner Denver bi-lobe blowers excel in dry bulk material transportation with their high-flow capability and wide speed range design. These advanced blowers serve a wide range of industries, offering versatility in handling various materials including cement, sand, sugar, pebble lime, and much more. Our bi-lobe blowers stand out for their ability to handle all types of offload, providing your businesses with a comprehensive solution for diverse transportation needs. With their bi-lobe construction, they ensure efficient loading and discharging from tank trucks while maintaining product integrity. 

Drum D807/D907  Bi-Lobe Truck Blowers

The Drum D807/D907 series is designed to meet your needs with exceptional performance. With a wide speed range, these blowers excel in handling a variety of materials, making them ideal for cement, sand, sugar, pebble lime, and much more.

  • First blower in its class to utilize diamond-shaped porting for noise abatement. 
  • Leading bi-lobe blower to offer 20psi continuous pressure, versatility of being able to be driven from either rotor, and bi-rotation capability. 
  • Equipped with cast iron head plates for best-in-class corrosion protection and structural rigidity. 
  • They provide a wide and high range of flows for loading and discharging dry bulk products from tank-trucks including powders, cereal grains and fodder. 
  • Lightest blower in its class. 

DuroFlow Truck Blower Series  Bi-Lobe Rotor Design

For durability and longevity, our DuroFlow Truck Series. Built to withstand the toughest conditions, these blowers feature a compact design, high-quality components, and a high power-to-weight ratio. Their versatile mounting options ensure seamless integration into your existing setup, providing reliability and efficiency that lasts.  

  • Oil-free, contactless, positive displacement lobe type blower, ideal for dry bulk products from tank trucks like powders, grains, dry bulk chemicals and so much more. 

  • Installation can be completed up to 50% faster compared to other models. 

  • Easy to maintain, minimizing downtime. 

  • Vertical or Horizontal mounting configuration available with flexibility for installing into any new or existing system. 


Screw Compressors

Screw compressors offer an exceptional output-to-weight ratio, making them ideal for efficient transportation. Their lightweight design allows for increased payload capacity on trailers, maximizing productivity. Additionally, they operate with significantly reduced noise levels, ensuring a smoother and quieter operation.

The CycloBlower Truck Series sets a new standard for performance and dependability in dry bulk material handling. As the only company offering truck blowers with rotary screw technology, Gardner Denver leads the industry in innovation. Our exclusive smooth running helical screw rotor design ensures unmatched efficiency and reliability, revolutionizing the way dry bulk materials are handled. Crafted from a single, high-strength cast iron casting, our cylinders provide robust durability and reliability, even in the most demanding environments. 

  • Lighter than traditional straight lobe blowers, enabling increased daily product delivery capacity.
  • Utilizing input speeds requiring less fuel consumption. 
  • Quieter work environment with an average of 3-4 dBA quieter than other straight lobe models.
  • Low maintenance requirements, ensuring consistent performance and reliability.  

CycloBlower Truck Rotors

The CycloSaver Series transforms dry bulk material transportation. Engineered with a high-flow, oil-free, and contact-less design, this revolutionary screw compressor redefines efficiency and speed while addressing all your dry bulk needs, these screw compressors embody the principle of "less is more" with their compact yet robust weight-saving construction. Compared to traditional straight lobe blowers, the CycloSaver operates 10-12 dBA quieter, thanks to its innovative helical screw-style rotors.  

  • Discharge times are improved by up to 40% 
  • Requires up to 27% less power to operate reducing horsepower consumption per cfm delivering valuable fuel savings 
  • CycloSaver weighs as little as 257 pounds offering increased payload capacity. 
  • The pressure and flow ranges produced by the CycloSaver allow all dry bulk solids to be discharged at optimum flow rates. 
  • Capable to overcome high pressure drops and high altitudes. 
  • Lowest output temperatures of any comparable design. 

CycloSaver Cutaway


Oil-free Rotary Vane Truck Blower

When it comes to compact yet powerful blowers, the HPD450 and E490 stand out as top performers in the industry. Their compact size makes them suitable for use on trailers with small air pads, offering versatility and convenience for mobile applications.


These rotary vane blowers redefine the standards for low discharge temperature units, ensuring optimal performance in a variety of demanding applications. With 100% oil-free air delivery, they ensure exceptional air quality for a variety of industries like pneumatic conveying of cement, lime, gypsum, and other dry bulk materials. 

  • Coolest operating temperatures in the industry
  • Quietest blower in the industry
  • Lightest blower in its class
  • Most energy efficient truck blower in its class—44 hp delivers 325 cfm and 25 psi
  • Capable of medium-high pressure off-loads
  • Lower initial cost (no discharge silencer required)
  • Ideal for lease operators

Gardner Denver Blowers

At Gardner Denver, we offer a wide range of blower products in various configurations   

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