The Air Compressor Water Separator

Air compressor oil and water separators are designed to remove lubricants (or oil) from condensation within your system (water). The oil/water separators are normally installed downstream of the compressor tanks.

In a compressor, the condensation within the lines becomes contaminated by the oil. The water condensation needs to be dispensed into the sewage system without oil present. An air compressor water or oil separator is needed to separate the two materials. Without the risk of contamination, the condensation needs to be removed without risk.

GD Intelli-Pak Oil/Water Separator

The Intelli-Pack System is engineered to provide the most effective and user-friendly oil-water separator on the market. The asset encryption on the replacement cartridge offers aftermarket security unlike any products of its kind in the industry. 
Intelli-Pak Separators come in five different capacities. The unit right for you is dependent on the amount of flow of the compressed air system. The siding is based upon the cfm flow in the compressed air system.

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Air Compressor Water Separator
CTS Eliminator 2 Air Compressor Water Separator

CTS Eliminator II

The CTS Eliminator II was designed as an effective way of treating lubricant contaminated compressor condensate, separating oil for easy disposal. Untreated condensate can have large effects on the environment and is illegal to dump. 

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Eliminator Troubleshooter

The Eliminator Troubleshooter is the most economical and efficient way to separate emulsified, slowly demulsible, or high volume condensate loads. The Gardner Denver Eliminator Troubleshooter allows the practice of safe condensate disposal.

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Eliminator Troubleshooter Air Compressor Water Separator
GD PAK Series  Air Compressor Water Separator


The GD Pak System has been engineered to provide the most effective and user-friendly oil-water separator. There are two different lines of GD Pak Oil-Water Separators - standard units and silicone units. Standard units handle fluids such as hydraulic lubricants, food grade lubricants, mineral-based lubricants, and more. Silicone units are needed if utilizing a silicone-based lubricant in your air compressor. 

Once the PAK system is full, disposal is very easy. You can most likely dispose of it through the local waste management system. If not, call the phone number on your unit to begin the disposal process. GD Paks, when properly sized and installed, are guaranteed to reduce the contaminants in your compressor condensate. 

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Air Compressor Water Separator Technology

Compressed air is compressed and released at elevated temperatures in a saturated state. As the air is cooled with dryers, the water vapor condenses into a liquid form. Then, mixed with the normal oil carryover from the compressor.

The condensate becomes contaminated by the oil and must be removed before it goes into a sewer system or the ground. The oil must be separated from the condensate and only the condensate can be removed. The oil must be reclaimed and disposed of in an environmentally safe manner.

Key Benefits & Savings

  • The troubleshooter is designed to effectively separate compressor condensate to safe levels.
  • Each troubleshooter has a delivery system, (patent pending) with a pneumatically operated pump that is used to feed the filter module. The operating pressure assures the filter will not clog.
  • An improved efficiency system only requires compressed air to operate the diaphragm pump.
  • The same delivery system is used for each filter module. Expanding the air system may only require a larger filter module. The troubleshooter from Gardner Denver is the perfect fit for safe removal of air compressor condensate.

Without an oil-water separator in your compressed air system, this condensate/lubricant mixturewill go down the automatic drain and quite possibly find its way into the surrounding groundwater. This improper disposal causes three huge issues:

  1. Pollution - One gallon of lubricant can contaminate 4 acres of groundwater. That’s why it is important to capture the lubricant before it goes down the drain. A single 100 HP air compressor can carry over 15 gallons of lubricant per year. 
  2. Financial Exposure - To avoid fines and clean-up costs from oil pollution, the Intelli-Pak Oil-Water Separator is a great preventative measure.
  3. Legal Liability - An oil-water separator for your compressed air system is necessary because improperly disposing of a condensate/lubricant mixture is illegal.