New energy-efficient compressors from Gardner Denver deliver up to 13 per cent more compressed air.

Premium compressor manufacturer Gardner Denver has launched a new range of energy efficient 160 kW to 250 kW oil-injected, screw air compressors to enhance its existing range of GD machines.

The new compressors, 160, 200, 250 and the 290, are available in both fixed speed (ESM) and variable speed (VS) models. Each one is capable of delivering reliable and efficient compressed air, with pressures ranging from 5 bar to 13 bar, and suitable for a wide variety of industrial applications.

gd vs250 lg

Commenting on the launch, Marcus Hamilton, Industrial Compressors' Product Manager said:

“The new range of Gardner Denver compressors have been designed to reduce total cost of ownership by lowering energy consumption which can account for up to 80 per cent of a compressor's total operating costs, as well as enabling faster maintenance and hence reduced downtime.

“The result is that the machines can deliver up to 13 per cent more compressed air with the same kW size motor, and with better energy efficiency.

“The variable speed technology available on the VS160 - VS290 models improves energy efficiency further by regulating the electric motor speed in line with on-site compressed air demand.

“This also incorporates a new, high efficiency design variable speed inverter that can reduces energy costs by up to 35 per cent compared to traditional control.  A unique cooling concept that uses the suction side of the compressor's radial fan instead of relying on individual cooling fans means that the components run cool continuously, for better energy efficient and optimum long life reliability.”

Fast and simple maintenance

Easy accessibility to all areas of the machine and consumable parts makes the new GD ESM and VS range easier to service, helping reduce downtime during maintenance.   

The re-engineered airend has an integrated oil filter and thermostatic valve, limiting the number of tubes and hoses that would otherwise require routine replacement. Higher reliability is also achieved with fewer points of leakage and the unit design means that there is greater space for cooling air to circulate, to prolong its life.

Easy installation

At just 6.2 m2 for both the fixed and variable speed compressors, all units have a small footprint, making them ideal for installations where space is at a premium. The low speed airend, produced in Gardner Denver's new 'Centre of Excellence' in Germany, and radial fans with inverter options, ensure that the machines run quietly, with low noise levels starting from 76 dB (A) on the ESM160 model.  

The multilingual, GD Pilot TS control system helps to ensure reliable operation by continually monitoring operational parameters, to help evaluate machine performance and reduce running costs further.