Gardner Denver announces the new Electra Saver G2 200-300HP Compressors

Gardner Denver is excited to announce the release of the new Electra Saver G2 200-300HP compressors to its oil lubricated product portfolio. This release rounds out the introduction of the Electra Saver G2 products 75-300HP which have taken place over the last few years. Founded on slow-speed, 1800rpm design principles, the Electra Saver G2 products build on the thousands of hours of reliability that were established by the first generation of these products more than two decades ago.

These new G2 compressor packages feature the legendary TurnValve (variable speed) technology, stainless steel control lines and enclosed/unenclosed options the Electra Saver is known for.  The state-of-the-art Governor Controller and iConn module are also featured in these premium compressor packages for convenient control and monitoring. The Electra Saver G2 continues to be a staple in the market delivering best in class performance and efficiency with a strong reputation of quality and longevity.

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