RN - RNS centrifugal pumps are equipped with closed impellers and RKNS with recessed open impellers.

RN - RNS innovative components assure an high fluid dynamics efficiency

  • Rolling-contact oil lubricated bearings,  for long service life and high reliability
  • Heavy duty pump shaft guarantees high reliability and low deflection for a perfect seal
  • Protected shaft from the liquid conveyed (1st - except for RN 32-125, 2nd, 3rd support) in order to prevent corrosion and to allow the use of materials with high-performance mechanical characteristics
  • Extremely rugged bearing support constructed following the BACK PULL-OUT system  to facilitate maintenance
  • The casing is the result of an innovative design with trapezoidal volute  to reduce loss and increase the efficiency of the pump

For clear or slightly cloudy liquids

The RN - RNS series are centrifugal pumps suitable for the conveying of clear or slightly cloudy liquids, mainly used in the chemical and pharmaceutical sector.



Heavy duty solution: RKNS

The recessed impeller, together with the casing design, allows the RKNS to reach a higher level of efficiency and performance.

The reinforced support with protected shaft is particularly suitable for heavy duty applications, involving, for instance, thick and/or viscous liquids and it guarantees high reliability and long life.


No clogging

The RKNS series is suitable for the conveyance of solutions with suspended crystals, muddy and/or viscous liquids, with suspended particles or fibrous materials, chemically inert or aggressive, without any problems of clogging.