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A extensa rede de distribuição da Gardner Denver garante atendimento local de alto nível. Como representam a imagem da Gardner Denver, nossos dedicados distribuidores cumprem nosso compromisso de credibilidade e confiança.

Quando você precisar, encontrará um distribuidor autorizado na sua região pronto para ajudá-lo em suas vendas, serviços e necessidades de suporte técnico.

Our extensive network of authorised Gardner Denver distribution partners ensures superior local service with:

  • Professional air audits to identify cost savings in your facility.
  • Providing expert routine maintenance through factory trained service personnel.
  • Guidance on selecting the right compressed air solution for your specific applications
  • Tailored service agreements to ensure uninterrupted production
  • Bespoke services
  • Highest standards in health and safety
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Professional Air Audits Providing environmental & energy efficiencies

Gardner Denver and our distributors are on the case to assist our customers in identifying and eliminating waste in compressed air system operation.

With increasing energy costs a fact of life for business, and carbon and emissions levies and taxes a looming reality, the performance and efficiency of your compressed air systems have never been more important.

Potential energy savings not only reduce the environmental impact of your business, they also return money to your bottom line.

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