Pièces et services

Parmi tout ce que l’on peut offrir à un client, rien ne vaut la tranquillité d’esprit. Mais ce n’est pas quelque chose qui apparaît comme par magie. La tranquillité d'esprit doit être gagnée. Elle est le fruit de nombreuses années de performances éprouvées. Les clients s’aperçoivent que nous tenons nos promesses et que nous respectons nos engagements.

La tranquillité d'esprit implique également d’offrir à ses clients toute une gamme de produits et de services qui leur garantiront une plus grande disponibilité et de meilleures performances de production, tout en leur simplifiant la vie et en leur en donnantun meilleur pouvoir d’achat.

Genuine Parts

Off-brand replacement parts can be purchased almost everywhere. They may even be cheaper. However, the big question is: Are they really a better value? Nothing fits better than genuine Gardner Denver parts. Or operates better. Or lasts longer. All of which makes genuine Gardner Denver parts less expensive and the better value in the short and long run.

This is just one value offering. Gardner Denver replacement parts deliver a host of others:

Better Production Performance 
The high quality and performance track record of genuine Gardner Denver parts lowers the chance of production breakdowns. This, in turn, means better production output and dollar savings

Power Cost Savings
Genuine Gardner Denver parts are designed for optimal performance. This allows equipment to maximize energy transfer and efficiency.  Saving power means saving on operational costs and reducing carbon dioxide emissions.

Green Advantages
Genuine Gardner Denver parts not only last longer, they enable Gardner equipment to last longer, which makes them very green from an environmental standpoint and a cost-efficiency standpoint.

Right Product. Guaranteed.
Our international team of engineers and service professionals ensure that customers receive replacement parts that reflect the most current engineering design.

Express Delivery 
Gardner Denver's vast distribution network around the world and intelligent stocking policies ensure fast delivery of parts and lubricants. In fact, our stock-holding system allows parts to be dispatched within hours of ordering.

Gardner Denver Parts and Service

Trainings and Workshops

We offer hands-on workshops for customer technicians to empower them to carry out service fast and efficiently at their plant. Successful attendance of our in-depth trainings for ATEX machines is rewarded with a certificate. If your machine actually breaks down we provide fast and efficient support from the fact.

Planned Maintenance Program

Our planned maintenance programs are the best way to safeguard your invest. If you adhere to this offer you buy peace of mind:

Prevention guarantees long machine life and reduces downtime.

Genuine Parts
In the scope of our maintenance programme service we offer our genuine parts at a special price.

Special Maintenance
Every special maintenance both on site (at your plant) and at our service point are offered at discount rates.

Priority Service
Your service requests, both on site and at our service points, will be considered as priority. 

Service Machines
If necessary, service machines are available during your maintenance, avoiding downtime