Pièces et services Gardner Denver

150 ans d'existence permettent de développer une réelle compréhension des attentes des clients et de ce dont ils ont besoin exactement. C'est précisément grâce à cet enthousiasme, cette perspicacité et cette connaissance que Gardner Denver offre des pièces et des programmes de service parmi les meilleurs du secteur, pour tous vos besoins d'air comprimé, de soufflage et de vide.

Cette qualité se caractérise par le fait que les clients ont accès à une source unique de pièces d'origine qui leur conviennent parfaitement et fonctionnent sans problèmes.  

Gardner Denver - Pièces d'origine - filtres à air

Gardner Denver - Pièces originales - filtres à huile

Parmi tout ce que vous pouvez offrir à un client, rien ne vaut la tranquillité d’esprit. Il n'y a rien qui apparaisse par magie. La tranquillité d'esprit doit être gagnée. Elle n’arrive qu’après des années de performance prouvée. Les clients s'aperçoivent que l'on tient nos promesses et nos engagements.

La tranquillité d'esprit signifie aussi livrer aux clients toute une gamme de produits et de services qui leur garantissent une plus grande disponibilité et une meilleure performance de la production tout en simplifiant leur vie et délivrant plus de valeur pour leur argent.

Peace of Mind

Of all the things you can supply to a customer, nothing compares to peace of mind. It is not something that magically appears. Peace of mind has to be earned. It comes from years of trusted performance. Customers see first-hand that you deliver on promises -- that you do what you say you will do.

Peace of mind also comes from supplying customers with a whole array of products and services that guarantee them more uptime and better production performance while simplifying their lives and delivering more value for their money.

Gardner Denver - Genuine Parts - Air Filters

For example, customers feel comfortable knowing there is help available when they need it. Nearby service is available to them wherever they are in the world. Real experts are there for advice and help. Product can quickly be shipped to them.

Customers enjoy further security with Gardner Denver's offering of services and Life Cycle Cost Management program. For example, maintenance programs, seminars, energy audits, training, warranties and so many other options are available to help customers boost productivity and help eliminate headaches.

Peace of mind. The reason why thousands of companies around the globe put their trust in Gardner Denver.


Genuine Parts and Lubricants

Off-brand replacement parts can be purchased most everywhere. They may even be cheaper. However, the big question is: Are they really a better value? Nothing fits better than genuine Gardner Denver parts. Or operates better. Or lasts longer. All of which makes genuine Gardner Denver parts less expensive and the better value in the short and long run.

This is just one value offering. Gardner Denver replacement parts deliver a host of others:

Service for Oil Filters

Better Production Performance
The high quality and performance track record of genuine Gardner Denver parts lowers the chance of production breakdowns. This, in turn, means better production output and dollar savings

Power Cost Savings
Genuine Gardner Denver parts are designed for optimal performance. This allows equipment to maximize energy transfer and efficiency. Saving power means saving on operational costs and reducing carbon dioxide emissions.

Green Advantages
Genuine Gardner Denver parts not only last longer, they enable Gardner equipment to last longer, which makes them very green from an environmental standpoint and a cost-efficiency standpoint.

Right Product. Guaranteed.
Our international team of engineers and service professionals ensure that customers receive replacement parts that reflect the most current engineering design.

Express Delivery
Gardner Denver's vast distribution network around the world and intelligent stocking policies ensure fast delivery of parts and lubricants. In fact, our stock-holding system allows parts to be dispatched within hours of ordering.


Breadth of Service

On the surface, it may look like all companies offer the same level of service. However, they do not. With Gardner Denver, customers enjoy having nearby service centers around the world, so help is quick and reliable, not continents away. Calls to service centers means talking with a factory-trained service engineer who will provide timely solutions to you parts and service challenges.

Service Technician

Because of our proven track record, customers have come to expect a higher level of service from Gardner Denver - before, during and after the sale. Around the globe, Gardner Denver helps customers optimize production and lower operating costs. Our highly experienced service engineers will visit the customer's production facilities, thoroughly assess their needs, and propose the most cost-effective customer support plan.

Additionally, the plan matches how the customer prefers to work with us:

  1. We deliver the necessary parts and the customer handles maintenance
  2. The customer and we share maintenance
  3. We handle maintenance for the customer.

Our service contracts and agreements focus on giving you peace of mind. No matter what your Company needs, Gardner Denver has a service arrangement that suits your requirements.

Service Parts
Parts for Service Series

Life Cycle Cost Management

Lowering costs and increasing productivity. That’s why companies all over the planet rely on Gardner Denver. Our proven programs, services, warranties, seminars and studies help customers eliminate risk of unforeseen costs, allowing them to focus on their own plant, operations and profitability. Here are some of ways in which we can help:

Energy/Air Audits

Gardner Denver offers a complete suite of products to ensure customer systems are operating at maximum efficiency day in and day out. The main goal is greater return on investment and lowest operating cost for the customer. Contact us for conducting an expert health check on your efficiency regarding the production of compressed air.


Gardner Denver Genuine Parts - Oil Filters

Customer Support Plans
Minimize downtime with regular maintenance customized to the customer's needs. Plans may include operational and system audits, field service calls, preventative maintenance and reports. Or, one of many other options including total care solutions to allow customers to focus on their core business. Gardner Denver has the most complete and customized preventive and corrective support plans to fit your company's operational requirements.

Warranty Programs
Protect yourself from costly unexpected repairs through cost-effective warranty plans. Gardner Denver has the best-extended warranty programs you can find in the market. Our top quality equipment allows Gardner Denver to ensure our customers many years of complete peace of mind.

Refurbished Equipment Services
Save money -- Even after many years of faultless service, equipment can become less efficient. With our refurbish service, experienced engineers rework equipment back to its original factory specs. Warranty revalidation, too.

Remanufactured Products
Lower costs with warrantied remanufactured products.

There is nothing more expensive than losing production. Gardner Denver offers you a rental fleet and substitute equipment solutions for those moments where your production should not stop or while you are waiting for a new machine to be delivered.

Remote Monitoring and Preventive Maintenance
In today's business world the need for instantaneous data and real-time monitoring is critical. Our smartphone or tablet is our life's control panel today. Gardner Denver offers you remote monitoring solutions to fully control your compressed air installation, before anything breaks. Wherever you are, whenever you want. These solutions allow you to rely on Gardner Denver's service center to ensure your machines are always in perfect operating shape.

24hr Emergency Services
Emergency calls or Emergency services: Gardner Denver has 24-hour technical support or physical presence for those companies that cannot wait for the next day.

Multi-brand Solutions
In today's world, it is quite typical that producing companies have more than one brand in their air stations. Gardner Denver offers you the possibility of having a unique service provider, taking on service responsibility for a heterogeneous installation setup. A single point of service for all your equipment, ensuring uptime and performance according to Gardner Denver high quality standards.

Multi-equipment Integration
Gardner Denver also offers you the possibility to integrate all your multi-brand equipment in the compressed air room in one controller as a single point of control. That way, Gardner Denver can assure that all of your equipment can be operated in an integrated and most efficient way at all times, ensuring an optimal air delivery configuration.

In our view, the downstream equipment is an integral part of the end-to-end air installation. Besides taking care of the air compressor machinery, Gardner Denver technicians are experts in maintaining downstream equipment to make the entire system work. We do not just delivery products, but entire solutions. We deliver peace of mind.

Training & Seminars
Stay on top of the latest technology and maintenance programs with onsite training and educational seminars. Our engineers and technicians are eager to share their valuable knowledge with your staff helping to make your air station setup better every day.

All in all, we do not just offer audits, improvement plans, warranty programs and training. We offer total solutions and at the end of the day peace of mind. Life cycle cost management is key. After all, you have other things to think about.