Molded fiber or molded pulp is the process for producing, strong and environmentally friendly food and protective packaging. The molded fiber packaging is made from 100% recycled paper including newspaper, magazine, paper and any product made of paper fibers as well as biodegradable plant-based products. Drink carriers, egg carriers or filler flats are commonly used molded fiber products where vacuum is required.  

This vacuum application is evolving as there is continued pressure to switch from plastic and polystyrene packaging because molded fiber is a renewable and recyclable resource that is environmentally friendly. 

Nash Vacuum Systems For Molded Fiber

Every 1 Ton Of Recycled Paper Saves: 

17 trees
3 yards of landfill
380 gallons of oil
7,000 gallons of water 
4,000 kilowatts of energy

NASH vacuum systems installed in molded fiber processing plants optimize production, are energy-efficient and reliable. Using NASH vacuum systems keep the quality and appearance of food fresh and flavorful; therefore, making Nash the industry’s premier choice for innovative vacuum solutions. 


Reliable Solutions For Molded Fiber Processing 

NASH vacuum systems are applied in molded fiber processing to save energy and provide reliable solutions. Therefore, production is optimized in molded fiber processing with NASH liquid ring vacuum pumps. 

Liquid ring vacuum pumps are durable solutions for challenging process applications, such as molded fiber. These pumps are specifically designed to excel in applications requiring a positive backpressure. Thus, vacuum is applied in the manufacturing of molded fiber in two separate processes.

The first process, known as traditional, begins when water and recycled fibers, which includes newspapers, corrugated and other specialty fibers are combined in a vat resembling a large blender. Once the fibers are combined in the vat a slurry is created and the paper fibers are suspended in water. The slurry is pumped into the forming station. Screened and vented tooling is lowered into the slurry tank. NASH vacuum pumps are activated and draws the slurry through the screen trapping the fibers onto the screen. The water is pumped back into a holding tank to be used again later. The formed fibers are transferred onto a conveyor and dried in a precisely controlled oven. Molded fiber product comes out dry and ready for shipment. 

The second type of molded fiber process where vacuum is applied is thermoformed. Thermoformed process utilizes the same first step as mentioned above in the traditional process; however, the second step requiring vacuum differs in that the slurry is pumped into the forming station. Screened and vented tooling is lowered into the slurry tank. 

The NASH liquid ring vacuum pump is activated and draws the slurry through the screen trapping the fibers onto the screen. The water is pumped back into a holding tank be used again later. The fibers, now on a screen, are pressed in matched polished molds that are precisely in the form factor of the desired product. With heat and pressure, the water is pressed and evaporated out of the fibers. 

Una empresa de envasado de renombre mundial confía en Nash para impulsar la eficiencia y la confiabilidad de su proceso de fibra moldeada

Al enfrentarse al hecho de que contaba con equipos antiguos que impactaban en la eficiencia y la productividad, una de las empresas líderes mundiales de envasado acudió a Nash a fin de obtener una solución que ayudara a la instalación a volver a crecer.


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Vacuum Solutions For Molded Fiber Processing

Molded Fiber’s Premium Choice For Vacuum Solutions

NASH VectraPak liquid ring vacuum systems are the ultimate solution for the molded fiber industry. The VectraPak is a pre-engineered liquid ring vacuum solution designed by NASH experts to simplify installation and to meet the demands of molded fiber processes.  NASH VectraPak vacuum systems are constructed around the Vectra XL pump and packaged with all the necessary components, assembled and piped. 

Mounted pumps, once-through and fully recirculated systems are available in various sizes and in iron or all stainless steel construction. NASH VectraPak liquid ring vacuum systems are plug & play and available for quick shipment. 


NASH VectraPak

NASH VectraPak Systems Are Standardized Solutions That Provide: 

External mechanical seals provide flexibility and ease of maintenance 
Direct drive speeds for 50/60 Hz motors for worldwide use
Extended pressure ratings have the ability to handle tough applications where backpressure is required 
Conical design to better handle water/particulate slugs and residual gases 
One moving part for long time reliability 
Variable port design for high efficiency 
Patented gas scavenging to increase performance at high vacuum levels 
Factory performance tested and trouble-free start-up and operation 

NASH VectraPak liquid ring vacuum systems are backed by a 2-year warranty and over 100 years of vacuum experience. All NASH liquid ring vacuum pumps are tested at the factory prior to being released to the field. 

NASH CERTIFIEDTM experts are readily available to provide aftermarket support including maintenance, service, parts, and repair. Service centers are globally located to protect your vacuum system investment and provide quality, reliable and efficient solutions.  

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