RVA 058-610

Blue oil lubricated rotary vane Model RVA 058 610 Witting Rotary Vane Compressor

Fresh oil-lubricated rotary vane compressors. Air-cooled. Direct drive

  • Capacity from 505 to 5,262 m³/hr
  • Pressure from 1.5 to 3.5 bar (abs.)
  • Available in sizes 058, 085, 125, 180, 220, 280, 340, 430, 510 and 610


Single-stage, water-cooled compressor for purifed gas. 

Note: permissible H2S content up to 4,000 ppm depending on application.
The rotary vane gas compressor complies with Directive 014/34/EU
It is suitable for transporting explosive gases and vapors in explosion group IIB, temperature class T2 in zone 1 and can be operated in zone 1.



II inside 2G c IIB T2,

II outside 2G c IIB T2



  • Compact unit
  • All components are mounted on a main frame
  • Rubber-metal elements to reduce vibrations
  • Electrical control panel wired to terminal boxes
  • Installation does not require foundation.



Compressor Stage

  • Rotary vane compressor stage
  • Fresh oil injection cooling
  • Multi-cell design principle, driven directly via an elastic coupling between the drive motor and the compressor stage
  • Suitable for compressing purified gas
  • Outstanding operating reliability
  • Dynamic oil film between vanes and the inner wall of the compressor housing
  • Low rpm and self-centering rotor



Gas Path

The gas flows through the suction line to the compressor stage. Here it is compressed as a result of the increasingly smaller volumes of the compression chambers. The compressed gas exits from a compression fitting on the compression stage through a check valve and enters the compression-side piping system.



The series RVA compressors are water-cooled. The heat generated during operation is removed by cooling water, which flows through the compressor housing from the bottom to the top.



The compressor stage is driven directly via an elastic coupling with coupling protection between the drive motor and the compressor stage shaft. The RVA 280-610 system size compressors also have a gearbox between the motor and the compressor stage.


Safety Equipment and Display

  • Temperature switch to monitor the gas outlet temperature.
  • Thermometer to display the gas outlet temperature.
  • Level monitor to monitor the oil level in the lubricating oil tank.
  • Oil lubricating pump rotational speed monitor.
  • Temperature switch to monitor the gearbox oil temperature (RVA 280-610).
  • Flow rate monitor to monitor the cooling water at the cooling water outlet.
  • Thermometer for cooling water inlet and outlet.  Pressure gauge for compressor pressure.
  • Check valve on the pressure side.
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