OptiLoad – Pumping and Data Capture System

Designed for the pumping and metering of milk for atmospheric tankers, OptiLoad provides a fully integrated system designed and manufactured by an established milk industry system solution provider.

The system uses a single pump design with automatic anti-cavitation control. Requires no separate priming pump.

  • Fast Operation. 800 – 830 litres/minute subject to anti - cavitation control.
  • Easy to install. Modular, pre wired, plug & play principle.
  • Easy to operate. Intuitive operator software. GPS Location Initialisation
    Easy to maintain. On board running diagnostics.

Capable of farm collections, pump offloads (full or partial) and full CIP tank wash routines. Full GPRS transfer of all data collected to back office systems in customer compliant formats. The OptiLoad system integrates directly to the truck’s engine control system to provide automatic engine stop/start with speed control to maximise fuel savings. Other modules such as a fully integrated automatic sampler can be added to the base system as required to suit the individual needs of the customer.