GD Low Noise 'Elektropak" for the unloading of Dry Bulk Products

Gardner Denver specializes in the manufacturing, installation & maintenance of a broad range of compressors fitted to tractor units. These are usually driven via a Power Take Off with a Mechanical or Hydraulic Drive.

This Particular customer has required a site based electrically driven system because the unloading site is close to a residential area where especially low noise emissions are required.

This system offers many advantages over and above a Tractor (Truck) mouted system including:

  • Environmentally friendly, no noise & no C02 emissions from the truck engine
  • Quieter, compressors with acoustic hood in purpose built building.
  • Guaranteed air quality
  • Full monitoring of unloading
  • All tractors can be used, the compressor does not have to be installed on the truck

Gardner Denver has developed the Elektropak for a specific customer requirement. The compressor set has air flow from 340m³/h to 1025m³/h and a maximum operating pressure of 2,5bar. This screw compressor provides oil-free air and has special labyrinth seals to be sure no oil contamination can come from the gears. The compressed air is cooled to +/-60°C for safe product handling during the unloading of sugar, plastic pellets and other temperature sensitive goods.