Gardner Denver develops environmentally friendly unloading system

In order to satisfy the increased demand for environmentally friendly load- and unloading systems Gardner Denver Transport Solutions developed a “hybrid” version of the Bulkline oil free screw compressorinstallation.

The multiple drive configuration of this GD dry bulk compressor enables the customer to unload dry bulk products from their silo truck either by electric power from the unloading site or through the conventional truck engine drive (power take off).

The advantages of driving the compressor by electric power are many; no exhaust gas/emissions from the truck engine, lower noise level and no fuel consumption of the truck during unloading. Obviously by having the conventional PTO drive also available the truck remains fully operational at sites where there are no special requirements or where there is not sufficient electric power available.   

Truck manufacturer MAN has made a brand new MAN 4x2 truck (with low emission Euro VI engine) available for Gardner Denver Transport Solutions so it could install this hybrid dry bulk compressor. Gardner Denver is now using this truck for a Road Show in the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium to promote this concept as well as promoting our excellent service capabilities.

The project was a great example of using customer focus to innovate existing products to help the world go green!