RUNNABILITY & Tail Threading - RunPro

Runnability orientated RunPro offers web stabilizing, machine geometry modifications and ropeless tail threading concepts to eliminate runnability problems and to ensure fluent paper making process.

Web stabilizing and tail threading concepts are safe, reliable and maintenance free resulting in significant benefits that are reflected in a minimal payback time.

Wide experience and involvement in a large number of projects enables us to provide a wide range of technology and services for improving the operation of a paper machine. Results of the RunPro optimization can be realized in increased machine speed, improved runnability, decreased investment and raw material costs, reduced tail threading time, low maintenance and improved operator safety.


RunPro – Runnability, energy savings and ropeless tail threading optimization from the wet end to the reel

The Main Benefits:

  • Increased machine speed
  • Improved runnability
  • Decreased investment and raw material costs
  • Reduced tail threading time during breaks up to 80%
  • Very little maintenance required
  • Improved operator safety

RunPro consist of:

  • Web stabilizers, pocket ventilation and tail threading for the press-, single-, and double felted sections
  • Tail threading for the long open draws
  • Pull-down foils for the pope reel
  • Trim handling equipment
  • Ropes drives, rope tensioners and rope pulleys
  • Tail cutters

different applications of runpro

Web Stabilizers & Pocket Ventilation

Web stabilizers, pocket ventilation and machine geometry modifications eliminate runnability problems efficiently and are often required to ensure fluent paper making process. These maintenance free solutions have a huge impact on drying and energy costs.

Solutions for the press section:

  • Web stabilizer for free-standing press
  • Web stabilizer’s sheet support from the press to the dryer
  • AirCurtain for center roll sheet release

Solutions for the single felted section:

EasyOne concept – Optimized web release with a special high vacuum area at the critical sheet release point between the upper cylinder and the vacuum roll.

  • Traditional air nozzles of the stabilizer in the critical opening nips have been replaced with a high release nozzle with extremely tight manufacturing tolerances
  • Maintenance free concept: no mechanical sealings between the stabilizer and the dryer fabric meaning 100% efficiency without any service requirements
  • Together with threading pipes: significantly improved slalom section tail threading
  • Existing bottom row dryer cylinders or rolls can be converted into vacuum rolls on site

Solutions for the double felted section:

Efficient pocket ventilators and web stabilizers support the sheet run and ventilate the cylinder pockets.

  • Reduced unsupported draw by 25-50% between the top and bottom dryers enables trouble free runnability and supports ropeless tail threading with TailBlade technology
  • Excellent runnability and pocket ventilation effect together with offset felt roll configuration 
  • Better drying capacity due to reduced pocket humidity levels and longer sheet wrap against the drying cylinders
  • Optimized pocket ventilation corrects pocket moisture profiles and eliminates the corrective over-drying of the edges

Ropeless Tail Threading

Automatic ropeless tail threading concepts are safe, reliable and maintenance free. Technology can be applied from the wet end to the reel.

Solutions for the press section:

Press RunShooter delivers the tail directly from the center roll to a separate press or from a separate press to the dryer section

  • Tail can be delivered also directly to the dryer section ropes
  • System can be semi or fully automatic
  • Suitable for all paper grades with a basis weight below 300 gsm
  • Minimum air pressure of 5 bar

Solutions for the double felted section:

Very efficient release from the dryer cylinder surface due to the ‘Release Blow’ technology with TailBlade mini doctor. Possibility also to install directly to the existing doctor beam.

  • Automatic tail threading with TailBlade units for better operator safety
  • Reliable dryer section threading improves machine efficiency
  • Reduced tail threading times
  • No unplanned rope changes


Solutions for the long open draws:

RunShooter technology can be used for example before the size press, Clupak and in the pope reel area

  • Tail pick-up and cutting is done with flip trays or with non-contact air pick-up units
  • Light-weight and easy to install
  • No rotating parts or motors make the system virtually maintenance free



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